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There is no clearer picture of the Cross and the sacrifice the Father made for us in Christ than Genesis chapter 22. Notice the powerful parallels between Isaac and Christ.

1.Both fulfilled promises:

Isaac was the long-promised son to Abraham (Genesis 12:3)

Jesus was the long-promised Messiah (Genesis 3:15; 13:3)

2. . Both were the only son of their father:

God said that Isaac was “Your son, your only son, whom you live…” to Abraham(Genesis 22: 2)

God said “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased!” (Matthew 3:16, 17)

4. Both were loved by their fathers (Genesis 22:2; Matthew 3:16, 17).

5. Both had a 3-day experience:

Isaac had a 3-day hike to Mt. Moriah

Jesus had 3 days from the cross to the grave to the resurrection

7. Both accompanied by 2 men:

Isaac by two servants (Genesis 22:3)

Jesus by two thieves (Matthew 27:38)

8. Both carried their own wood:

Isaac carried the wood for his own sacrifice (Genesis 22:6)

Jesus carried the crossbeam of his cross (John 19:17)

9. Both submitted to their father:

Isaac willingly laid down , submitting to his father (Genesis 22:9)

Jesus submitted to his Father’s plan and will (Luke 22:42)

10. Both asked a question of their father:

Isaac asked Abraham “Here is the fire and the wood, Father, but where is the lamb? (Gen. 22:7)

Jesus cried “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” from the cross (Matthew 27:46)

11. Both were brought back from the dead:

Isaac was “brought back” figuratively (Genesis 22:12)

Jesus rose from the dead 3 days after he was crucified (Matthew 28:6,7)

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