Sermon Series
  • 1. Are You Talking To Me Too?

    Contributed on Dec 26, 2007

    The perspective of Joseph is changed from a shocking surprise to a willingness to accept the cultural pressures associated with seeming to break the rules.

    Are you talking to me too? Week 2 – Joseph’s perspective - Last week we started off the advent season talking about perspective. I encouraged you to break away from the perspective that comes from the world. The views we pickup from the culture, like when we hear elevator music where we more

  • 2. Do You See What I See?

    Contributed on Jan 21, 2008
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    God invites the shepherds and not the town to come and see the new king.

    Do you see what I see? Luke 2:8-20 Most of you will recall that during the last few weeks, we are looking at Christmas perspectives of some of the Biblical characters. Let me state that a Christmas perspective for most of our culture is something that awakens for only a month or two each more

  • 3. Dark Christmas

    Contributed on Jan 21, 2008

    The Magi - gentile are invited to be a part of the family of God.

    Dark Christmas Matthew 2:1-12 Well, like Christmas, this “perspective series” is coming to an end. I hope that won’t mean that you feel like you can put what you have heard away in a box, like decorations, until next Christmas. The Christian point of view is just not that way. more