Sermon Series
  • 1. What Does It Mean To Preach The Good News

    Contributed on Mar 27, 2007
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    evangelistic sermons

    WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO PREACH THE GOOD NEWS? Acts 8:35 If I told you, “Now, I want you to build a house for me!” what would you think? How can my words make sense to you? Of course, for this to happen there needs to be some conditions met. There is an assumption that we have talked about. There more

  • 2. Soaring On Wings Like Eagles

    Contributed on Mar 27, 2007
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    preaching the good news

    SOARING ON WINGS LIKE EAGLES! Isaiah 40:27-31 Every other month, I send out “Eagle’s Messenger,” a bimonthly newsletter to over 122 e-mail addresses. The recipients of it are friends and missionaries throughout the world. I have entitled it this way because of two reasons: First, as Albanians more

  • 3. Life In The Numbers

    Contributed on Mar 27, 2007
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    Preaching the good news

    LIFE IN THE NUMBERS! Genesis 5:1-32 A lot of people like to read. I am one of them. Many people like to read before they go to sleep. The reading helps them tire their mind, and than they go to sleep. Many Christians like to skip the genealogy parts in the Scriptures, because they make them more

  • 4. Answering The Most Important Questions

    Contributed on Mar 27, 2007
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    Preaching the good news

    THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS Acts 17:24-31 Have you noted that among the first questions we ask when we meet someone is the question “What’s new?” In Acts 17 the apostle Paul came to Athens. He came to Areopagus, one of the “Seven Wonders of Ancient World.” The people in Athens did the same more

  • 5. Baptism That Is Valid

    Contributed on Mar 27, 2007
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    Preaching the good news

    BAPTISM THAT IS VALID! Acts 19:1-12 For the Baptism to be right, three conditions need to be met. Tables of three legs need to have all the three legs in order to stand. The baptism is to have three essentials to be valid: the right action, the right subject / person, the purpose. THE more

  • 6. Are You Part Of The Will

    Contributed on Mar 27, 2007
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    Preaching the good news

    ARE YOU PART OF THE WILL? 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 Introduction: There is often a lot of turmoil that surrounds the death of someone. People who are associated with the man/woman are wondering if he left a written will/testament? Am I part of it? How much did he/she leave to me? Who else did he more