Summary: In the tenth chapter of the book of Revelations we see a mighty angel and a bitter sweet moment.

A Mighty Angel

Rev. 10:1-11

In the book of Revelations we see the word angels used to describe several different beings such as:

• Rev. 1:20 The angels of the seven churches are messengers or the pastors

• Rev. 4:6-8 The four beasts are seraphims around the throne of God

• Rev. 9:1 As a star that falls from heaven unto the earth

• Rev. 22:8-9 A fellow servant of the brethren the prophet John mistaken for an angel

1. The Mighty Angel

Here we see a mighty angel that is described as:

1. Clothed with a cloud

2. Rainbow upon His head

3. A face that was it were the sun

4. Feet as pillars of fire

5. A little book in His hand

6. His foot upon the sea and earth

7. A voice that roareth as lion and the seven thunders

Point: Each of these are description of none other than Jesus the Christ

See: Rev. 1:7 he cometh with clouds

And: Rev. 4:3 There was a rainbow round about the throne

Then: Rev. 1:16 His countenance was as the sun shineth

And: Rev. 5:1-3, 5 The little book in His hand, the lion of the tribe of Judah

His feet upon the sea and the earth are the declaration of ownership! Ref. Psalms 24:1, 95:4-5

The seven thunders are the perfect voice of God that is mentioned in Rev. 4:5, Psalms 29, and Exodus 19:16.

This is not unusual because we find that in the Old Testament the appearance of the pre-incarnated Christ is such places as:

Gen. 16:7 unto Hagar, 22:15 Abram, 32:24-30 Jacob, Joshua 5:13-15 unto Joshua, Judges 6:12 unto Gideon, Daniel 3 in the fiery furnace with the three Hebrew boys and other places also.

See: Rev. 10:4 John was told not to write what is uttered by the seven thunders (the voice of the Lord)

This is very interesting because we saw earlier that John is told to write the things of the past, present and future Ref. Rev. 1:19

Here John knows something that he is not privy to write for whatever the reason we do not know.

See: Rev. 10:5-7 “That there should time no longer” this obviously is speaking concerning the end of the Times of the Gentiles as we know it.

Vs.7 the mystery of God should be finished

2. The Bitter Sweet

See: Rev. 10:8-11 Take it and eat it up

The book here is the words of God that bear the truth of all future events

See: Ezekiel 2:7-3:4 We find the prophet Ezekiel being told to the same here

In Revelation 10 John says that the words was sweet as honey as described in Psalms 19:9-10, but also he was told it shall make his belly bitter.

The only expression that comes to mind is the old phrase “A hard pill to swallow” used to express a difficult truth that is sickening to know.

Something is about to happen here that so traumatic that it makes John belly bitter.

Vs.11 He is told to prophesy again before many people…

3. The Command To Prophesy

This is a warning unto all of the future judgments of God.

We as believers like John are given the responsibility to warn those without of the coming judgment.

See: Ezekiel 3:18, 33:7-8

Mention: Mark 16:15 Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature

Invitation of receiving the Gospel message:

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