Summary: An overview of the life of King Hezekiah.


In the middle of Ezra’s ’hall of fame’ there is reference to one of Judah’s godly kings - Hezekiah. His descendants were among those who returned from exile in Babylon. How proud those 98 Jews must have been of their illustrious forefather. In this sermon we focus on the highlights of Hezekiah’s life.


This was a marvel of engineering.

a) Where it began - The Gihon Spring, which was outside the walls of Jerusalem.

There is a green hill far away,

Without a city wall,

Where the dear Lord was crucified,

Who died to save us all.

b) What it carried - Water, which was precious in Bible times.

One day I came to Him, I was so thirsty.

I asked for water, my throat was so dry.

He gave me water that I never dreamed of.

But for this water, my Lord had to die.

He said, "I thirst" yet he made the rivers.

He said, "I thirst" yet he made the sea.

"I thirst," said the King of the ages.

In His great thirst He brought water to me.

c) Where it ended - The Pool of Siloam, which is 53 feet long, 18 wide and 19 deep. Siloam means ‘sent’. In John 9, Christ healed the blind man after he had washed in the pool.


a) Siege - The Assyrian army laid siege to Jerusalem in 701 BC. This world is under siege from the powers of darkness.

b) Silence - Hezekiah commanded his servants not to say anything to the Assyrian messengers. Some wicked words don’t deserve a reply. We are reminded of Christ before Herod and Pilate.

c) Supplication - Hezekiah prayed and the result was the death of 185,000 Assyrian soldiers in one night.

Were half the breath thus vainly spent,

To Heav’n in supplication sent;

Your cheerful song would oft’ner be,

“Hear what the Lord has done for me.”


The king contracted a terminal illness. Notice his response:

a) He received medical help - A lump of figs was applied to his boil. We too should be willing to receive medical help when it is available to us. Jehovah’s Witnesses refuse blood transfusions. Their belief is unscriptural. Nowhere does God prohibit the transfusion of human blood from one person to another. It is animal blood that God prohibits being given to humans.

b) He requested miraculous healing - Hezekiah prayed again and God lengthened his life by 15 years.


God wanted the king to:

a) Reopen the temple - The doors had been closed by Ahaz, Hezekiah’s father.

b) Remove idolatry - False religions are full of idolatry e.g. Roman Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shintoism, etc.

c) Restore the Passover - Which had been neglected for many years.

According to Thy gracious Word,

In meek humility,

This will I do, my dying Lord,

I will remember Thee.

When to the cross I turn my eyes,

And rest on Calvary,

O Lamb of God, my Sacrifice!

I must remember Thee.

Remember Thee, and all Thy pains,

And all Thy love to me:

Yea, while a breath, a pulse remains,

Will I remember Thee.

And when these failing lips grow dumb,

And mind and memory flee,

When Thou shalt in Thy kingdom come,

Then, Lord, remember me.

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