Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Learn how to develop a burden for the lost.


By Dr. Dennis Deese

ROMANS 9:1-3 & 10:1-3

One of the most profound and provocative questions I have ever heard or have been asked is this, "If everybody witnessed like you, would you be saved?"

Paul had a passion for lost souls to be saved. Notice the Biblical prospective of a soul-winning burden.

It should be a:

I. SHARED BURDEN 10:1 "brethren"

God has given us 3 elements common to the Christian life that produces a burden for soul- winning. OUR:

A. Comprehension 9:1, 10:2-3 "in Christ" because we

B. Calling 10:2, Matt. 28:19-20 "a zeal for God"

C. Conviction 9:1 "In the Holy Spirit"

II. STEADFAST BURDEN 9:2 "continual sorrow" IN:

A. Purpose 10:1 "continual sorrow"

"Desire" 2107 yoo-dok-ee-ah: satisfaction, delight, purpose, and wish.

Everything we do in our ministry should revolve around the salvation of souls

B. Prayer 10:1 only God can do it

C. Practice 10:2 "I bear them witness"

III. SINCERE BURDEN 9:1, 3 "I say the truth" IN:

A. Submission 10:3 In the same way we were to God in salvation. When He leads we follow.

B. Sacrifice 9:3 giving up things

C. Support 9:3 "My kinsmen" working together

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