Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This sermon provides three steps for making a commitment to God.

I. Introduction

a. Commitment means (www.dictionary.com)

i. “Official consignment, as to a prison or mental health facility.”

ii. “a pledge to do”

b. Commitment to God

i. A pledge to do the will of God.

c. How can we follow through with our commitment?

II. The first step is to Hear the Word. (19-20)

a. Slow to speak

i. Many times we are to busy talking to hear others.

ii. The same is true with God.

1. We tell God how we want things done and he can’t get a word in to tell us how he wants to do it.

b. Slow to anger.

i. Doesn’t say never get angry.

1. We are not to get angry quickly or without proper reason.

ii. Anger keeps us from God.

1. Whether we are angry with God or Man. When we are angry we are not available to hear God.

a. Three times Moses got angry and three times Moses did not produce the mind of God

III. The second step is to Receive the Word.

a. We must receive with pure hearts

b. We must receive with humility

c. Many people hear God’s word every Sunday, but do many receive the word.

i. When you receive it you must do something with it.

IV. The third step is to Do the Word.

a. Doing is the hardest part.

b. God’s word is a mirror for our life.

c. God will bless us

V. Conclusion

a. If we want to follow through with our commitment to God, we must

i. Hear the Word

ii. Receive the Word

iii. Do the Word.

b. How is your commitment going?

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