Summary: Isaiah 6 passage. A look at worship

A New Year, New Times?

This passage of scripture brings us into the high command center of God himself. Here Isaiah sees the Operation center of the Universe! Here He is reminded of God’s sovereignty, his awesomeness, His authority. Here he is reminded God answers to no one, on the contrary, all who exist must give an account to Him. Isaiah therefore reminds us no one lives to himself. Our decisions affect other people; many of whom we would not even be aware. Our influences can be profound.

Know this mostly, all of us will see this same scene that Isaiah proclaims. Since God is eternal, and changes not, this will be the exact same scene we shall see!

Here we find as well that Isaiah was awed inspired by what he saw, he was moved by it. In fact, he was moved to a distinctive decision as a result of what he saw and what he knew.

This experience for Isaiah came at a pivotal time for he and the nation of Judah. Isaiah lived at a time where Uzziah, who had just died, had ruled some 52 years on the throne of Judah. But his death reflected a changing time.

II Chronicles 26 we read of Uzziah’s Piety- he sought Zacharia’s help. His Prosperity is seen in his popularity, his buildings… both a federal and a reserve military, his husbandry. But in the end, he was a man of Pride. Part of his pride was his presumption, and paid for it. Worship in Israel was a sham and it began with the king, the one in Allow me to categorize that experience for you and draw some parallels... THERE ARE SOME ABSOLUTES, SOME THINGS UNCHANGEABLE THAT ARE STILL TRUE TODAY AND MUST BE A PART OF OUR WORSHIP IF WE ARE TO BE A SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE…

1. Here is a picture of Absolute Power vv. 1-2

“Sitting” at ease, rest, no worry. Nothing out of His control.

“high and lifted up” No one above Him. He is sovereign, has total control, total command, total knowledge.

“train of his robe filled the temple” this symbolizes for us the judiciary aspect of Almighty God. Sovereign Judge. Judge Judy, Judge Wapner, People’s Court, the U.S. Supreme court, the Florida supreme court, all of em put together can hold even a candle to this Judge!

2. Here is a picture of Absolute Praise vv. 3

“holy, holy, holy” In today’s lingo…

Ain’t No Like This One!

Ain’t no one to whom we must give account like this one!

Illus. Here at FBC Candlelight Christmas events are designed to be special, set apart, unique. There is an intended design and eye toward holiness to that night all by itself. My whole intention behind the lights, the trees, the manger scene front and center, the darkness, everything about the evening I designed to set is apart and distinct from the common and ordinary. I designed it that way to remind us that not only is this season special, but our whole years is special because God is. We highlight this time of the year to point out His holiness.

Illus: I have often longed for the sense of the holiness of God that Catholicism captures in its worship. I know they miss it on some basic Bible doctrines, but church and its services ought to reflect awesomeness of God.

Candle Light Christmas is designed to remind us of the Holy Awesomeness of God. Let us not forget this basic... God is Holy. He deserves our worship.

“Be Still and know that I am God" says the scriptures.

Sometimes, perhaps, we live un-holy lives. There is no un-holier moment than we come to a worship service with not an eye, or worse, a heart toward worship.

I think you excelled yourselves in the Choir at the Candlelight Christmas 2000. It was your coming out party. You did well, very well. LET THAT BE THE BEGINNING OF BETTER, AND MORE SERIOUS INTENDED WORSHIP.

We Baptist in general need to improve on our attitude and stance on worship. Unfortunately, we are not known for our Public Worship of God. Often our buildings and sanctuary tell that story all by itself without our even showing up.

3. Here is a picture of Absolute Provocation vv. 3-4

“holy, holy, holy” note, of the many things God could have allowed Isaiah to see and thus record for us, it is these three words He chose instead.

I think it was a reminder to us how different he is from us, but how different we are to him, and that because of our sin.

I think God was communicating to him that the nation was becoming worse in its sin. I think Isaiah caught that too because note what he says… “Woe is me, for I am undone, because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips; “

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