Summary: We’ll we see how the characteristic of the Joshua generation who were able to walk in faith in a SEASON OF TRANSITION.

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Are you a Joshua or Moses generation?

Joshua 1:1-18

Dr. Fernando Cabrera

1. In transition, you must be courageous (1:9)

a. Boldness is the full manifestation of faith

b. Fear is tormenting (I John 4:18)

c. Be aggressive and conquering in the Spirit

d. Demoralize=to throw things into disorder

i. When you are in fear, you upset or destroy the normal functioning of the vision

ii. Fear is false evidence appearing real

iii. Whatever you fear is a lie

1. The vision is NOT for cowards

2. In transition, you need the spirit of determination (1:11)

a. Determination gets you out of stagnation

b. For 40 years the Moses generation stood in stagnation

3. In transition, you need the anointing to make advances (1:17)

a. How did Joshua learned to stay in the anointing?

i. Exodus 33:7-11

4. In transition, you must enter into the power of one

a. Ephesians 4:1-7 notice how many times he mentions the word “one”

i. The problem emerges when there were two

1. In the vision, you will die to your own agenda

ii. The Devil hates one, that is why he went against Adam and Eve who were one


2. “How good it is for the brethren to live in unity”


a. When the twelve become one, then the glory will descend (no greed, no bitterness, no impurity

b. Anyone who is not one, is coming against the vision

c. One accord Acts 1 and the Pentecost came

i. We must die to ourselves

4. Have you ever notice that for 3 years the disciples did not multiply… of the twelve spirit was not right

b. Covenant Relationship

i. Ruth-Naomi in Ruth 1:16 “I will go where you go…Your people shall be my people, and your God , my God. Where you die, I will die, and there I will be buried. Thus may the Lord do to me, and worse, if anything but death parts you and me.” That is the power of one.

1. God worked through it and she became the great grandmother of Jesus

2. We need to have one heart beat

ii. Rebellion is always an attack to the unity of the Spirit (II Cor.11:19-21; 12:11f.,

5. In transition, Divine order must be follow (1:16)

a. Why could they say, “all that you have commanded us we will do, and whatever you send us we will go”? - They received all of the commands because they trusted their leader!

i. They trusted their senior shepherd to do what a senior shepherd and pastor should do: CHART THE COURSE

b. Put to DEATH every argument against leadership

c. Personal attacks are smoke screens for something deeper

i. Numbers 12:1-8 – Issue of authority and control

ii. When the vision cannot be attack the man of the vision gets attack

6. In transition, entrance into a new territory will happen through a host (2:1)

a. Gain a stronghold and territory by introducing the kingdom in homes

b. Apply the blood (2:18)

c. Teach your people to apply the work of the blood of Christ in their homes

7. In transition, sanctification opens the doorway to the supernatural (v.5)

a. Today’s consecration makes a way for tomorrow’s manifestation

8. In transition, the presence must go before you (3:11)

a. Ex.33:15-16

b. Presence comes before possession

9. In transition, each of the twelve must carry his own weight (4:5)

a. In the vision, each must do his part

b. You can’t rely on the work of another person

c. Leadership of relationship leads to a covenant of relationship

i. Instead of being jealous of what someone else is doing, IT IS TIME TO CARRY YOUR OWN STONE

1. Carrying entails work – there is work in this vision

2. Their duty was a delight

3. Carrying a stone was an honor

a. For years, even until today, we are still talking about what these twelve did

ii. This is not about competition but cooperation

then check to see if you have really carry your own stone

iv. Because they work together, their team work was a statement of conquest

1. People who are carrying their stone don’t have time to envious, jealous, bitter or resentful of others

2. In this vision, you will be honored for carrying your own stone

a. This is about team work

b. We are only as strong as our weakest link

10. In transition, authority gives you influence (5:1)

a. You need authority for warfare

b. You need authority in order to have influence

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