Summary: Astrology and Christianity are not compatible. The Bible holds truths to how we should reject astrology’s false hopes and prophecies.

Astrology is the belief system that one can discover future events by how the stars and planets move in the sky. It is based on the idea that information on one’s life can be revealed through the heavens. Many people around the world have come to believe in astrology for one reason or another. The most common reason for believing in astrology is to determine things that are unknown such as the future, one’s own personal destiny, characteristics about oneself that are not revealed in other ways. It is important to draw a line in the sand when it comes to astrology. Astrology and Christianity are not compatible with each other. Christians who believe in part or all of Astrology’s teachings must come to realize that the two belief systems are contrary to each other. It’s like believing in two totally contradictory belief systems. I dare say that any Christian Church that allows or encourages astrological teachings is in defiance of the scripture and God’s commandments.

In scripture, God commands that one shall not worship idols or gods other than Himself. When the Israelites defied this law it often caused ruin, war, and exile. Every pagan religion has fallen to the monotheistic religions of the world. By believing in astrology, a person puts hope and worship into the stars instead of God. In this sense, astrologers make the stars, their charts, and books into idols to which they believe fully. If you do not worship the true God you are worshiping something else. It may be money, power, status, or knowledge but it is always a false God. In this regard, it cannot be possible for a man to have two masters and be loyal to both. A man cannot be a believer of the stars and God at the same time. This is why Christians need to condemn astrology as idol worship comparable to the pagan religions of old times.

One may argue that the stars are created by God and they move according to God’s will. Thus, astrology must be God’s revelations to the world. This is false, and scripture will determine this to be true. God reveals His plan to the people through Christ, the prophets, and our modern saints. God works through people in the forms of preaching, charity, and in giving to the less fortunate. No where in scripture does God allow or encourage the use of the stars to understand His revelation. There is no example of a holy man who has prospered by looking at the stars as opposed to prayer. Prayer is more accurate and inspiring than anything the stars could produce.

I will however give an allowance for the End Times. In the End Times there will be powerful displays in the heavens. We do not know what kind of displays these will be whether it is a super nova, a comet, or some other spectacular scene but we will know it when we see it. Another sign is that the moon will turn red like blood and the stars will fall towards the Earth (probably meteorites). Revelations also tells that a mountain will fall into the sea. No one is sure whether that is an asteroid or a powerful earthquake. In these cases, one can look at the stars in good faith but that is not what astrology is about. Even so, astrology dictates things way in advance where is the End Times is supposed to occur unexpectedly, like a thief in the night. Astrology is of no assistance in predicting the End Times.

Astrology is not about the End Times but rather it determines future events every day of every week of every month of every year of a person’s life. Even if astrology were to make predictions concerning the End Times it could not be trusted as accurate. This is where the priest hood comes in. When men become priests or pastors they are given power from the Holy Spirit to conduct their ministry. They study the scriptures and develop necessary experience to determine what is right and what is wrong. Astrologers are not priests of the Christian faith. An astrologer cannot be a priest; it is incompatible. It’s not that astrologers are inherently evil, but that the method is incorrect. The method of the astrologer is looking at the stars alone and not putting faith in God’s revelations.

But is astrology effective as read in scripture? In Daniel 1:20 it is said that Daniel is ten times superior in his advice and knowledge to the king then the enchanters and sorcerers. It is assumed that the sorcerers and enchanters are astrologers because that would have been a common tool for them to use at the time. In Daniel 2: 27-28, Daniel was able to interpret the King’s dream after the astrologers had failed. This is because only God can reveal the future, not by any other means.

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