Summary: Taking action as Christians.

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James 1:17-27

“Be Doers Of The Word”

As a preacher of the word, I have the privilege of sharing with you some of my life stories, learnings and wisdom.

As a preacher of the word, I also have the responsibility of preparing a message for you that is hopefully helpful to your walk with God as a Christian in today’s world.

In order for me to be a speaker, I must first be a listener.

I must listen carefully to what concerns members share with me.

I must also be careful that what is shared is shared in confidence.

So I must practice here what James is preaching.

I must be a “doer” of the word.

As a leader in the church, I must also be a “doer” of the word.

But I cannot be a “doer” of the word without you.

Each of you must also be “doers” of the word, so that together, we can accomplish some “doing”.

If I stand up here and talk about “doing”, and it goes no further, I might as well not even prepare a message.

“Doing” is part of the “being” a Christian.

And by our “doing”, God does indeed bless us.

It took me 20 years of my adult life, but God eventually blessed me with a good husband.

When I first met John, he was a big talker.

But because he has a heart for God, “The Word of God” has taught him that he also needs to be a good listener.

Last weekend, he showed me how much of a listener he has become.

It is no secret that we enjoy ballroom dancing together.

In fact, Mambo is John’s favorite, and he has a reputation for being the “Mambo King”!

Having entered the age of adulthood in the ‘70’s, one of my favorite dances happens to be the “Hustle”, which is not John’s favorite.

But last weekend, John was a “doer”.

He listened to my desires to dance hustle with him and he suggested we practice some hustle moves together.

I didn’t have to nag him.

I didn’t have to make him jealous.

I didn’t have to try to win him over.

He just blessed me out of the blue sky.

He became a “doer” of hustle.

What a happy wife that made me.

It just made me want to do something special for him.

I can just imagine how happy it must make God when we listen to what He wants and then become “doers” of His word.

Our sermon text focuses on what God’s desires are for us.

God wants us to be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger.

God also does not want religiosity.

He doesn’t want us to become people who appear to be religious on the outside without being pure and undefiled on the inside.

In other words, God wants us to have pure hearts.

He wants us to look beyond our outward appearance, deep down into our souls to see what needs to be purified.

One of my favorite praise songs is “Refiner’s Fire”.

It begins…”Purify my heart. Let me be as gold and precious silver.

Purify my heart. Cleanse me from within. Deep within.

Refiner’s fire. My heart’s one desire. Is to be holy. Set apart for you Lord.

I choose to be Holy. Set apart for you my master. Ready to do your will.”

God wants us to be active Christians, not passive Christians.

God also wants us to be unstained by the world.

He wants hearts that are refined, like pure gold.

He wants us to act on His behalf in the world.

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