Summary: The character of meekness and its consequences.


A Series of Messages on the Beatitudes

Matthew 5:1-12


Matthew 5:5

I. THE CHARACTER OF MEEKNESS (enhancing the kingdom)

A. By Explanation

1. Not weakness as many suppose

2. But a mild disposition; a gentle spirit

3. The opposite of self-assertiveness and self-interest

B. By Illustration

1. The positive side

a. a soothing medicine„³soothes a feverish brow, allowing the patient to rest

b. a gentle breeze„³refreshing a face on a hot day

c. a broken horse„³now able to do constructive work

2. The negative side

a. an overdose of medicine can kill

b. a raging wind can do much damage

c. a wild horse is a dangerous thing

C. By Implication

1. Meekness is essentially, then, power under control.

2. It is that disposition of spirit in which we accept God¡¦s dealings with us as good, and therefore, without disputing or resisting.

3. It is the attitude of wholly relying on the Lord rather than our own strength to defend us against the many injustices that come our way.

4. It is the inner voice that tells self that ¡§God knows what He is doing so just calm down and do not get bent out of shape or get out of control. (i.e. lose your temper)¡¨

5. If fact, there are some that say that meekness is the opposite of anger. Just as the wind can do much damage when it is out of control, so can our anger. That is why we must bring it under the control of the Holy Spirit and indeed we can. See Gal. 5:22-23 where meekness is one of the ¡§fruit of the Spirit.¡¨

6. The truth: We can only be meek if we have lived the first two Beatitudes. (entering the kingdom)

a. poor in spirit„³come to a place in our lives where we realize that we are destitute without Christ and cry out to Him for salvation

b. they that mourn„³realize my sinfulness and that only the Lord can come alongside and help so I call out to Him for that help and He comes and saves me

7. A meek person has submitted to the Lord¡¦s sovereignty and authority in His life and is full trusting Him to take care of him in every situation that may come up. He has willingly given up his rights or privileges to stay under the Lord¡¦s authority.

8. He doesn¡¦t lose control and get angry and lash out at others or the Lord. He quietly trusts the Lord in his heart which is reflected in the outward man as a cool, gentle, and sweet spirit.


A. God gave man in the creation total dominion over the earth. (Gen. 1:26-28)

B. Man, because of sin, has messed up that dominion.

C. Now often it seems that only the wicked get blessed. (Psalm 37:-11) But just you wait!

D. Since ¡§The earth is the Lord¡¦s and the fullness thereof¡¨ (Psalm 24:1; I Cor. 10:26) and since we are ¡§joint-heirs¡¨ with Christ (Rom. 8:17), it stands to reason then that everything Christ has is ours and that every promise He has made is ours to claim by faith. Because of salvation, we one day will get to literally inherit the earth as a part of God¡¦s promise concerning salvation!

E. See James 2:5„³we are heirs of the Kingdom! Jesus says this is a blessing! (Blessed are the meek!)

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