Summary: We are all tasked with something to do for God; some things seem small and insignificant when taken at face value while others seem like a massive undertaking. The truth is, all things are of eternal importance when it comes to what God is calling us to do.

Build The Ark

Grace Baptist Church Sunday Evening 11/8/20

Genesis 6:8;13-22

Did you know that Noah did not do any fishing while on the ark. You would think that fishing would be a staple while you wait for the water to recede. But I guess he didn’t fish. How do we know this? Because he only had two worms!


We see Noah living in a time when evil is all around. People have turned against God; they are wicked in every way imaginable with no desire to retain God in their thoughts or mind. It had gotten so bad that God regretted even making mankind. Much like the world today, we see Noah living a Godly life in the midst of a very perverted, sin sick world where God was not welcome in the lives of people.

Noah was called upon by God to do something that seemed absolutely ridiculous. Up to this point, there had never been a flood that people had experienced of this magnitude – nor would there ever be again. There had been no reason to have a massive vessel built to carry thousands of tons of cargo and animals.

Not to mention the massive undertaking it would have been to build a vessel approximately 510’ long, and over 50’ tall using over 3.1 million board feet of lumber given the very primitive tools and methods that would have been used to do so. We must also take into consideration the age of Noah at the time the ark was built – roughly 520-550 years old (not adjusted for differences in Hebrew calendars). This undertaking, on the surface appeared to be one destined to fail.

With this in mind, I propose to you this evening – when God tells you to ‘build your ark’, build!

I have four thoughts this evening as to why you should build your ark when God tells you to do so:

I. You are the one He called

Noah could have argued with God to give reasons he was not qualified to build such a huge vessel. He could have tried his best to convince God he didn’t have the mathematical abilities, the carpentry skills, the engineering experience…any sort of excuse but the fact is, God called Noah for a very specific reason----He wanted to!

No matter what it is that God has placed upon your heart to do; what He has called you into, He done so for a very specific reason – He wants you to do it! No one else will suffice. No one else will be the one God wants to use – He wants you!

Romans 11:29 - “For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.” God chooses you for very specific reasons and nothing is going to replace that calling nor will it get you out of that calling. When God called Moses to set His people free, Moses attempted to use excuses to get out of fulfilling the roll but nothing worked and ultimately, God overrode each of his excuses. God calls you for what He wants you to do and that is that.

II. Age is not a factor

We must look at and realize that God called Noah when he was well advanced in age. This tells me that God does not look at age as a limiting factor. There is no true retirement in the eyes of God when it comes to his calling upon your life. God’s callings are a lifelong calling meaning you are called until He calls you home. Do not feel that your age is something that inhibits you from working for God. Don’t feel you have out served your usefulness in the eyes of God.

God doesn’t look at time as we do. 2 Peter 3:8 tells us But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. God views time differently. Young, old, somewhere in between does not matter – God calls you to do what He wants you do to regardless of age. So build the ark!

III. Don’t worry what people think

No doubt as Noah was constructing this monstrosity, he was ridiculed and called all sorts of names. No doubt, people thought he had lost it and made it a point to remind him of that each and every day they came by. I’m sure people even came to spectate and make fun while he was working; some probably even told him how wrong he was doing things…imagine that.

The fact is, Noah had to ignore this and continue his task. There was a very specific time limit given early in this chapter. God had narrowed mans time down to 120 remaining years so Noah could not waste any time getting this ark built. He had to ignore the scoffers and ones mocking him and remain on task.

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