Summary: Josiah’s movement to reform God’s people, removing idol worship and cleansing the temple sets an example for us. We need to rid idols in our life and cleanse OUR temple.

Josiah and God’s Word

Purpose: Believers need to love God and His word and eliminate things from their lives that weaken their loyalty to the Lord.

Scripture Studied: 2 Chronicles 34:1-33

Key Verse: “Your word is a lamp unto my feat and a light unto my path.” Ps. 119:105

I. Examine Josiah and his respect for God and His Word.

a. Josiah becomes king at 8 yrs. old [prophesy fulfilled, 1 kings 13:1-3]

b. At age 16 he began to actively seek God, instead of following the bad example of his father.

c. When he was 20, he began programs of reform by destroying false idols and various articles of worship. Six years later, age 26, he refurbished the Temple, which had fallen into disuse.

d. Josiah and the Word

1. He HEARD the message, CALLED the people together, and INFORMED what God has said in His Word.

2. Josiah’s response after reading God’s word, was to renew his pledge to God. 2 Chron. 34.31. Then He called the people to renew their pledge and tear down the false idols.

II. Discuss ways Christians today can show respect for God and His Word.

a. We need to Tear down the false gods in our lives. Destroy anything that has come between us and God. We need to be like Josiah, Tear it down!

b. Be a Josiah, HEAR the message, and renew your relationship with God. Then CALL the people and tell them the message. So they to can renew their vows with God.

III. Identify ways we can improve in our attitudes toward God and his Word.

a. Actively seek God- through prayer, reading, worship, godly living

b. Recognize the importance of Gods Word

1. When you read you must think, “it is talking to me, it is about me”

2. God’s word is a huge part of Your relationship w/Him.

c. Don’t follow the bad examples of others such as family, friends, or people you know.

1. Rather follow Jesus and use God’s word as our example.

d. Establish worship in your life

1. Does your temple need to be cleaned out? Is it being misused? Fix it! Dont allow anything come between you and the Lord.


Father, It is my prayer today that you would do a mighty work in our lives. Use this message to encourage the reader to check their own lives for those things [idols] that have become more important then God. Help us rid those those things that stand between us. We want you to cleanse our temple. Help us be what you want us to be. May you reign in us. We Praise you with our whole heart.

In Jesus Name...

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