Summary: It is never to late to come back to God. This sermon uses Luke 15:11-31 to tell the story of the prodigal son and his return home. It also presents the gospel at the end.

Come Home Again

By: God (Spoken by: Michael Flowers)

- I really want a million dollars.

- I can only think of all the things that I would do with all of that money.

- I would buy a car, a house, and probably a few stores full of things too, while I was at it.

- Everyday I wait for the voice to come over the phone, "Hi, this is Regis Philbin. Our latest contestant on ‘Who Wants to Be A Millionaire’ turned down the million dollars. He said to pick a random phone number and whoever answers wins the million. Congratulations, Mr. Flowers, you are a millionaire.”

- I’m pretty sure that would never happen, but every time the phone rings, my heart beats a little faster.

- So far no one named Regis has ever called my house, and I have never seen a cent of the money that my parents say I have for college.

- But I’m pretty sure I could live the rest of my days on a million dollars, no problem.

- Money seems to make people happy; people find new ways to spend it everyday.

- If you have money, you can have whatever you want, as it seems.

- People find other people with a bunch of money more attractive.

- A wallet full of money is sought after more than anything else is on this planet.

- But I ask you, what good is money after you die?

- The green in your wallet may buy you a house, a car, or something to drink.

- Money will not keep you from dying.

- Everyone is appointed once to die.

- You can buy medicine to make your life longer, but there is no medicine that will keep you from dying.

- Money can buy you a hospital bed, and doctors to take care of you.

- Money can buy you a nice funeral, a pretty flower arrangement, and a casket.

- But what about the more important things in life?

- Money can’t buy love.

- Money can’t buy true happiness.

- But after you die, money will make no difference to you.

- After you die you go one of two places: heaven or hell.

- Money can’t buy heaven, or a ticket there.

- During your lifetime you can change your course in eternity.

- We all start life in a world full of sin.

- We are part of the sin from birth, we are natural sinners.

- We are lost in a world full of sin.

- There was once a young man who had a very rich father.

- He got tired of living under his father’s rules, so he asked for his share of his father’s wealth, and left home.

- When he set out on his journey, he thought he would have enough money to last a lifetime.

- He underestimated a lifetime.

- The young man went looking for a job, but he found none.

- The money was running short and he was getting desperate.

- Finally he stopped to see if a farmer needed help.

- The farmer gave him permission to move into the house and feed the pigs.

- The farm had no running water, and what little water the farm had was used to water the animals, and for the families baths.

- Pretty soon the young man began to smell of pigs; the farmer could no longer stand the smell of him. The farmer moved the young man into the pig house to sleep.

- One night the young man laid down to sleep amongst the pigs with his stomach growling. He began to dream of his brother and father back home.

- He dreamt of them sitting at the dinner table eating at an enormous feast.

- He then saw himself under the table of the feast sitting on his knees picking up crumbs that fell off the table with his finger.

- The young man awoke in pains of hunger.

- He realized that life was much better under his father’s roof and regulations.

- He ran into the house and woke the farmer. The young man told the farmer that he would be leaving.

- He sat out that night for his home.

- He walked non-stop for days on end, crossing mountains along the dusty road, until he saw his house on the horizon.

- With his feet blistered and bleeding, he picked up his dragging pace and eventually was able to pick out a man in the field next to his house.

- It was his father.

- His father turned away from his work and began running as fast as his feet could carry him towards his long lost son.

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