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Summary: Every geographical area has its own satanic technology peculiar to that area. The modus operandi of satanic agents vary from place to place. In attacking their victims what they use also varies from one place to another. Some employ what we refer to as “

Every geographical area has its own satanic technology peculiar to that area. The modus operandi of satanic agents vary from place to place. In attacking their victims what they use also varies from one place to another. Some employ what we refer to as “satanic bullets”, or demon idols after people, while some just suffocate their victims in the dream.

Bewitchment is a common local satanic technology. What does it mean to bewitch? It is to bring continuous evil on a person. To bewitch is to charm a person using satanic power or to put a person under a spell using satanic power. In Galatians 3:1, Paul used the word bewitchment to describe the act of being led away into evil doctrines. And because the Galatians were bewitched, he referred to them as being foolish. He said, “Oh foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth, crucified among you?”

Bewitchment is when someone uses evil power like witchcraft to charm, to enslave, or to mislead a person. This evil power can be used on a person, place or thing. Wicked people issue curses on good and innocent people who have not done anything wrong to them. It does not matter whether you have committed an offence or not before they decide to curse you. The mere fact that you have decided to make progress in life makes you their target.

Bewitched people operate under an evil control. They would not listen to good counsel. They are always involved in errors and do the wrong things. Usually, their minds are closed to the truth. A sister went somewhere to pray, and the man of God there said, “You have a special problem, so you need special prayer.” And she said, “Any prayer point you give me, I will pray it.” But the so-called special prayer turned out to be something else as she was told to stand on a mortar naked and hold a candle in her hand until it burnt out, the hot molten wax running down her hands not withstanding. While this demonic prayer was going on the “man of God” was running his hands on her naked body. At the end of the “prayer,” she swore never to go back there again. But by the next day, she was back to this demonic man and his demonic prayer. Why? She has been bewitched.

A bewitched person will experience continuous confusion of the mind, continuous fatigue, anxiety, distress, disjointed thoughts, sense of emptiness and loss of self-control all because he is obeying a strange command. He may be having continuous accident, loss of income, loss of position, loss of reputation, affliction with diseases and pains, etc.

I know a man who married 19 wives, and each of them died after three months. And the foolish girls who heard of what happened to their predecessors still went ahead and married the man all because of the cars he was using to entice them. They did not know that the cars were certificates of death. But when he married the 19th wife, he met the Lord and that bondage was broken. That is what we call bewitchment.

A few things make me sad these days, especially about the lives of present-day Christians. Many things we ought to address, are not being addressed I have come to the conclusion that many of the present-day Christians prefer to look for an easy way to live a victorious Christian life. There are some ministers now who teach people that violent prayer means focusing attention on the devil and by so doing, they discourage people from praying aggressive prayers against the devil. They teach people that just looking at Jesus, worshipping and praising Him is enough for their deliverance from demonic oppression. This is a wrong teaching.

I was at a meeting somewhere a long time ago. As we started praying, somebody fell down at the back of the hall and swam on the hard concrete like a fish towards me at the pulpit. What shocked me was that when I looked at her face, it was the lady that led the praise worship before we started the service and she did it excellently. The message I am trying to pass across is this: all her praise worship could not deliver her from her bewitchment. There was still need for a proper deliverance to be conducted on her. This is where some ministers miss it all.

There was a time Jesus was speaking in the temple. The priests, the Sadducees, the Pharisees and all the people working with Him did not recognise Him, but a demonic man did. Jesus was busy teaching and the demonic man interrupted Him saying, “What have you to do with us, you Jesus

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