Summary: Part 2 of a message on dealing with depression, particularly of how God helped Elijah through his episode of depression

TEXT: 1 Kings 19:1-9

INTRO: Depression - - - pushed down de/pressed

An area that is sunk below its surroundings

A hollow / a hole

When we push down hurts, pain, abuse, guilt...

...we are de/pressing will show up

Push down - - - Hurt

Anger = becomes bitterness = Rage (explode)

Depression = anxiety = fear (implode)

Last week we answered the question...

..."Is depression a sin?"

The answer is "NO"

However, it can be the result of sin

Either directly or indirectly!

* It, like the other holes, is a fruit of a deeper root

* Depression is the indicator light

* That something is disturbing the balance of life

* Either

„« Body...chemically / hormonally [Sickness]

„« Soul...emotionally / Accidents / Purposes [Sin]

„« Spirit...unsaved / possessed [Satan]

* There are several types of depression

A. Clinical Depression

„« no medication

B. Severe Depression

„« the person struggling with this is in need of immediate support

C. Manic of Bi Polar Depression

„« Extreme mood swings

„« From excessive high / to despairing lows

D. Post Natal Depression

„« This is not the baby blues which occurs 23 days after birth

„« Post Natal can occur 2 weeks to 2 years after birth

E. Sad

„« This is actually an abbreviation:

Seasonal / Affective / Disorder

„« It goes from early fall to spring

„« Dank / Dreary / Cloudy

F. Blue

„« Situational

* No matter what of the 3 areas that depression is stemming from...

* is always a condition that changes how we think and feel

* Depression can affect anyone

* Depression is not always diagnosed properly

* Because we try to use one tool on the wrong part [Body / Soul / Spirit]

* Medicine won't cure a devil!

* Nearly 2/3 of depressed people don't get proper treatment

* Sometimes depressed people are viewed as

„« Weak / lazy

* Depression is much misunderstood by the public, yet it affects many people of all ages. It is estimated that one in five people will suffer from depression at some point in their lives.

* Depression is an illness where the feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, linked to the inability to concentrate, may make it hard for some people to carry out normal daily activities.

* Depression is an illness with a wide range of physical and psychological symptoms, which sometimes make it hard to recognize and understand.

* Personality may play a part in depression. Although anyone can become depressed under particular circumstances, some people seem to be more vulnerable than others. This may be because of things that have happened in childhood, such as abuse, or because of our individual make-up (including body chemistry).

* And...fighting depression can be an incredibly painful thing. In fact, recent studies of more than 11,000 individuals found depression to be more physically and socially disabling than arthritis, diabetes, lung disease, chronic back problems, hypertension, and illnesses. The only more disabling medical problem was advanced coronary heart disease.


1 His depression came after a time of intense ministry output

- More pastors resign on Monday than any day of the week

- Once you're emptied out

- Be careful what you allow to go in

2 After a relational conflict

- Showdown with Prophets

- Jezebel

- Israelites

3 After physical exhaustion

- Killed 450

- Prayed for rain

- Ran 20 miles

Question: "Hey, Elijah...what cha been up to?"

Answer: "I just confronted the idolatry of an entire nation..."

"Challenged a cult and its leaders..."

"Then, killed them..."

"Fasted and prayed down fire from Heaven..."

"Called on God intensely until it rained..."

"Then ran 20 miles ahead of a chariot..."

"Before all that, I had been hiding in a cave being fed by ravens!"

4 After a major victory

- It's here we let our guard down

5 After a huge disappointment

- I am the only one...

- All this effort and they are still not serving God!!!


* God gives us a case study here in 1 Kings 19

* From this text we find many of the classic symptoms:

1. Fear

Vs. 3 Elijah was afraid and ran

2 Aloneness

Vs. 4 He himself went a day's journey

3 Spiritually Dry

Vs. 4 Into the desert

4 Overwhelmed

Vs. 4 I've had enough

5 Suicidal tendencies

Vs. 4 Take my life

6 Generational vulnerability

Vs. 4 I am no better than my ancestors

7 Excessive tiredness

Vs. 5 Lay down under a tree and fell asleep

8 Loss of appetite

Vs. 5 Get up and eat

9 Feeling of rejection Vs. 10 I've been zealous...

The Israelites rejected your


10 Feelings of aloneness

Vs. 10 I am the only one left

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