Summary: The miracle happened during the Pentecost resulted to different responses. How was it? I believe it is because that human as we are we tend to believe and doubt of thing supernaturally done in our sight. That's the outcome of the fallen nature.

ACTS 2: 5 – 13


A. Towards the unbeliever:

1. They were alarmed and were confounded. v. 6

Bec. They heard them speak their language.

2. They were amazed and marvelled. v. 7

Bec. The speakers were Galileans.

3. Others were amazed and in doubt. v. 12

4. Others were mocking. v. 13.

B. Towards the believer:

1. They spoke in different languages as the Spirit gave utterance. v. 4

2. Their message was about the WONDERFUL WORKS OF GOD. v. 11


Our Holy Spirit now is the same Holy Spirit in the Book of Acts! As He actively working in their life so also now.

What makes them so effective in their ministry depends on how they responded to the Holy Spirit’s promptings!

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