Summary: God can visit His people either directly or indirectly. His visitation are evident by certain blessings, and His people can position themselves in a way to enjoy His visitation.


Study Text : Luke 1: 26 - 38


- When God visits you, everything about you changes for better and past promises and prophecies are turned into reality.

- Every divine visitation always results in supernatural manifestation. When God steps into any difficult situation in your life, His mighty acts, signs and wonders are inevitable.

- The best thing that can happen to anyone is for the Almighty God to visit that person. Your life can never be the same after a divine visitation.

- The positive and glorious changes we need in our lives, family, church and nation will surely come when God visits us. Divine visitation is not meant to be a onetime experience but a continuous experience all through our lives.

- When God decides to visit a person, He can visit the person directly; that is God appearing directly to the person or God touching the person directly. Example is when He visited Paul and Silas in the prison Acts 16: 25 - 28.

- God can also visit a person indirectly. God visits indirectly by sending His servants to a person or by sending angels to the person. Example is the visitation of Peter in the prison Acts 12: 5 - 12.

- We shall discuss the topic under three sub headings:

1. The Pattern of Divine Visitation

2. The Preparation for Divine Visitation

3. The Products of Divine Visitation

1. The Pattern of Divine Visitation

- There are several accounts in the Bible where God did visit His people. These are pattern of Divine Visitation, and whatever has happened before, we can believe God for it to happen again.

- As we look at these accounts, allow the Spirit of God to ignite faith in your heart, that His Word will be fulfilled in your life in those areas where you need His visitation.

1. Removal of Barrenness in Relation to Fulfilled Promise

Gen 21:1.

- A visitation of God broke the long season of barrenness in Sarah’s life, resulting in fulfillment of His promise and the birth of Isaac.

- We can believe God for divine visitation that will end all forms of barrenness and unfruitfulness in our lives.

2. Removal of afflictions in response to the cry of His People Ex 4:31.

- A visitation of God broke the long season of Israel’s bondage in Egypt. They realized God had not left them alone in their suffering but was intimately concerned for them. So when they cried unto Him, He came down to deliver them by the workings of His power.

- No matter how great and how long the affliction we have suffered in the hands of the enemy, we can experience deliverance through the visitation of His power.

3. Removal of Famine and Scarcity and Provision in Abundance Ruth 1:6.

- A visitation of God broke a long season of famine in Bethlehem, Judah. The testimony of God’s goodness reached a grieving widow called Naomi, who was living in Moab. She moved to that place of visitation and her inheritance and family line was restored there.

- God can visit us as individuals, as families and as nations to remove all lacks and scarcities, and give us abundance. 2 Kings 7: 1 - 2

4. Restoration through His Power, Resulting in Healings and Miracles. Acts 3: 1 - 11.

- A visitation of God broke the long season of paralysis in the life of the man that comes daily to the Beautiful Gate, and launched him into a new life and relationship with God.

- Several miracles, signs and wonders are possible if we can call on God for divine visitation. Healings of all manner of sicknesses, deliverance from all manner of oppressions and restoration of all loses.

5. The Ultimate Divine Visitation in Executing the Salvation Plans. Luke 1:68, 78.

- In the New Testament, Zacharias understood that the ultimate visitation of God to His people was fulfilled in the birth of our Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

- Every time there is a genuine conversion of soul, there is divine visitation in action. Acts 9: 1 - 10

- We can believe God for divine visitation for the salvation of people in a city, just as it happened in Samaria Acts 8: 1 - 10, or of an individual, as it happened to the Ethiopian Eunuch, or of a family, as it happened to Cornelius Acts 11: 1 - 12.

6. The Outpourings of the Holy Spirit in Fulfilment of His Words Acts 3:19.

- From the day of Pentecost in Acts 2 and throughout church history, we understand visitations of the Holy Spirit to be times of outpouring, bringing refreshing and empowering to God’s people.

- Every child of God needs this visitation in form of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and in form of continual impartation for supernatural manifestations. Mark 16: 16 - 17.

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