Summary: Chapter two explores issues of salvation in some depth. As believers in Jesus Christ, we are actually the House of the Lord! Wow!


Pastor Eric

July 13, 2008

1-3 (Read the verses, then the comments.)

A. All people are naturally dead in trespasses and sin.

B. The course of this world, and that of the “Prince of the Powers of the Air”, are one and the same. Satan is the fallen and sinful prince.

C. Indulging in lusts of two types: flesh and mind. (Children of Wrath: Hellbound)


A. God loved us in spite of our sin. This caused great mercy on His part.

B. He made us alive in Jesus Christ, though we had been dead in sin.

C. Positionally, we are already seated in Heaven in Jesus.

D. We will forever be showcases of the riches of God’s grace (undeserved favor) through and in Jesus Christ.

E. Our salvation from sin and God’s wrath came through this grace and was received by faith; not earned by our good works. Therefore, none of us have anything to be prideful about. Religious pride is not warranted or godly.

F. We, as redeemed members of God’s family, are his own workmanship.

G. The good works we now are called to, are because we have God’s favor, not for the purpose of earning it.


A. This is a further explanation of what this means, for we who were Gentiles by birth

B. We were excluded from the covenants of God before, and we were without God.

C. The Blood of Jesus Christ, shed for the sin of the World, has bridged that gap.

D. He has made one group out of Jew and Gentile. The wall between the two is gone in Christ.

E. By fulfilling the entire Law of God, he abolished its ordinances. This facilitated Him making ONE NEW MAN out of both Jews and Gentiles. This reconciled us to be ONE BODY IN GOD THROUGH THE CROSS.

F. Verse 17 shows that the Gospel appeal is the same to both natural Jews and natural Gentiles, and (18) the benefit of access to the Father by the Holy Spirit is the same.

G. Verse 19 tells the final practical benefit of all this theological explanation.


A. The foundation of the household of God is “apostles and prophets. Here is how they go about foundation building.

a. Signs and wonders, miracles, and healings in Jesus’ name

b. Accurate, clear, and complete teaching of God’s truth

c. Clear call to repent and follow Jesus Christ with no turning back

d. Apostolic and prophetic recognizing of giftings, and then setting people into their callings (assignments in the Lord)

B. Jesus Christ himself is, of course, the chief cornerstone of this living building.

C. The last two verses emphasize that all of us who know Jesus, are being fitted together to grow a great HOUSE OF THE LORD. In this New Covenant age, God’s house is living, made up of all who love Him through Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit makes it alive. (See Peter’s references to a house made of living stones.) The presence of God on Earth is in the spirits and souls of believers, rather than in a physical “Holy of Holies” in a physical Temple in Jerusalem.

D. Church buildings are not the house of God, in the same way as the Temple once was. Church buildings are physical places set aside for the “House of God” (groups of believers) to come and gather together for worship, teaching, and group prayer.

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