Summary: We will walk with the nation of Israel and see the great Praise they start with of God’s mighty hand, then immediately they are into "Woe am I." But God is not tied to a place in time for HIS glory and might. God is able to deliver us from any and every

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God is able to turn our Complaints into Praise

Moses and Miriam lead in praise for deliverance

Complaints come

God alone is able to deliver

DBF Sunday Sermon, 10/27/02

You know I like most people are apt to Praise God for the many blessing that HE brings into our lives every day.

When I survey the past few years of work that God alone could have accomplished here, I am amazed.

In 1999 as a new birth plant, God brought in 12 people to present a Vacation Bible School and start to plant seeds for the youth of this region of Bristol Bay and for some people who were willing to listen.

In 2000, God again were blessed with people who volunteered to come out and do a Vacation Bible School in Dillingham and Aleknagik, a Spring revival and also opened the Alaska Native Youth Camp for Native youth throughout the state to be able to come together in Christian fellowship and build support networks that could assist them in fighting the bitter battles of alcohol, assaultiveness, abusiveness, and hopelessness that many face daily in their remote communities. God raised a tremendous amount of funding to bring about this great and glorious work that we were praying would one day be the seed that we as Christians and Southern Baptists have sown throughout this great land. Gloria and Lou Ann started the Big A/Team Kids club every Sunday afternoon to work with 6-12 year old youth.

In 2001, we again were blessed with people who volunteered to come out and do Vacation Bible School in Dillingham and Aleknagik and we added a sports outreach daily during the week, and the Alaska Native Youth Camp became the single biggest group to every converge on Laverne Griffin Youth Camp in Wasilla. Many decisions for Christ were made and the youth from the first camp became co-counselors assisting in many ways during the camp. God again, through HIS gracious people scattered throughout the United States provided what I consider a tremendous amount of funds in order that God’s will would be realized in “Bush” Alaska.

This year has shown God’s continued care in providing the Alaska Native Youth Spring Leadership conference throughout various locations in the state, Vacation Bible School and a one month sports outreach provided by several different missionaries from Alaska, Mississippi and Texas. The light of Christ has truly been shown to the youth and adults in this area.

Yet, when I get up in the morning and place my bi-vocational hat on and go out the door to the Office of Juvenile Justice I am reminded that there is so much work to be done here. The 30-50 kids we minister to have hundreds more that tell them the things in and of the world are far more rewarding than being a member of the Dillingham Bible Fellowship, the Big A Club, or any other Holy Bible Christian Teaching and Preaching Church.

You see the deceiver comes wearing many different masks, but the message is always the same: eat, drink, and be merry—you deserve it…take it easy, party, have a blast while you can.

I see people who seem to be on the verge of total commitment…which we find is the basic commitment of truly born again believers…that turn and run back fully into the world. And as the word of God says their lot is worse that it had been with 7 demons replacing the one that they followed previously.

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