Summary: A Sermon about going above and beyond what is expected. Doing more than the status Quo!



1. Every Normal Person wants to Succeed - If you Don’t, you Better go

see a Psychiatrist.

2. I’m a Musician - I want to be a successful Pianist, Singer, Songwriter.

3. If a man is a Logger - He wants to be a Good Logger

4. If a man is a Preacher – He wants to preach to change lives

5. Sunday School Teachers - You should want to be the best Sunday

School Teacher

6. If you are a Businessman - You want to succeed in Business

7. If you are a Husband - You want to be the best Husband in the


8. If you are Wife - You want to do a good Job - Be successful

9. If you are a Young Person - You want to succeed at school

And above everything you want to succeed as a Christian!!!

I Believe the Secret of Success lies in the short verse of Matt. 5:41

“And Whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, Go with him twain.”

Mt 5:41

Verse 41. Whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile. The word translated shall compel, is of Persian origin. denotes a compulsion by the public authorities and for public service. When thus called upon by rightful authority to travel or do public service, be ready to go farther or do even more than is required, rather than resist the government.

Post-offices were then unknown. In order that the royal commands might be delivered with safety and despatch in different parts of the empire, Cyrus stationed horsemen at proper intervals on all the great public highways. One of those delivered the message to another, and intelligence was thus rapidly and safely communicated. These heralds were permitted to compel any person, or to press any horse, boat,

ship, or other vehicle that they might need, for the quick transmission of the king’s commandments. It was to this custom that our Saviour refers.

Rather, says he, than resist a public authority, requiring your attendance

and aid for a certain distance, go peaceably twice the distance.

A mile. A Roman mile was a thousand paces.

Twain. Two.

1. At the time Jesus spoke these words, The Jews were under the

bondage of the Roman Government.

a. The Romans made slaves of the Jews.

b. One of the things they made them do was to carry their burdens.

1. For Example: If a Roman had a pack on his back and he came

across a Jew, He would compel him to carry the burden for


2. He could compel him to carry it for one mile.

3. They say that each Jewish boy had a Mile marked off in all

directions from his home.

4. When they came to the Mark - He would refuse to carry the

burden any longer.

2. Jesus Declared that this Attitude was not the Christian one

I want to look at two Applications that you can get out of this verse

There is a primary Application and a secondary Application


We are to go the “second mile” of Forbearance and Forgiveness

When Men mistreat us or seem overbearing - We are to turn the other cheek or go the second mile.

You Don’t hear this preached much any more - Dog eat Dog World

People say - Well you didn’t hear what they said about me -

He started It

Don’t Talk about the Person even if they are in the wrong.

You Might say well - I’ve already forgiven them 25 times

You’ve Still 465 Times to go - The Bible Says 7 x 70

1. There are many reason why People are fussing and fighting in

the church

a. Never since God made man have we needed the “Second Mile”

in our dealings with each other as we do today.

2. We are living in the most high strung, Nervous, High tension age


3. People have to have sleeping pills to go to bed

Tranquillity pills when they wake up in the morning

and Aspirin all day at work to keep them going

4. Even with all these “Aids of Calmness” we stand ready to slap

anyone down who even looks as if he would strike us on the cheek

5. We Certainly will not turn the other cheek or go the Second Mile.

This Impatient, Nervous attitude sometimes causes Husbands and Wives to be Caustic with each other.

It Causes friction in our churches


It Cause many Christians to Act like Lost People

The Worst thing it does it hurts the cause of Christ


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