Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: A message on coping in a sin filled world.


1 Kings 18:1-16

INTRO: A young Christian was sharing the unpleasant context within which he did his dally work. Ridicule, obscenity, profanity, the caustic ways of his superiors, etc.. The business and social life of lost people are contrary to the Christians own life style.

What can we do? How can we manage? Is there help for us? Here is a biblical example to give us courage and assurance.


Obadiah was a righteous man working in a godless environment. He hid 100 prophets from Jezebel at one point. He was the governor in the house of Jezebel’s husband Ahab. Ahab knew what Obadiah had done.

ILLUS: In my experience of secular work, I have seen people who were like Obadiah. People who refuse to be a part of the world system.

Some of you either now work, or have worked in a godless environment. Others are around that godless environment in daily contacts. You are around foul language, immoral people, ridicule of Christians etc.. But you stand firm for your faith in God and do not waiver in your belief. We can all gain strength from the example of Obadiah.


Obadiah was convinced that it was more important to be faithful to God than to fear anyone. He was commended for remaining a devout worshiper of God (vv. 3, 12). Even though he was a servant to Ahab, he remained true to God. This was no small achievement. The roots of such devotion can be found in his early life (v. 12).

ILLUS: Another good biblical example of this kind of faith in God is found in the life of Daniel and his three Hebrew friends in the palace of Nebuchadnezzar.

Many Christians today remain true to God through their daily association and work with godless people. Some stand on their strong religious principles to the point of jeopardizing their jobs. This is a result of a life of faithfulness to God. He will reward such dedication and trust.

This should convince us of the importance of training children to serve God.


Obadiah set aside caution and fear to carry Elijah’s message to Ahab. He knew that if he carried a false message to him, that he would lose his life. Nevertheless, he went anyway. He was concerned for his boss. He was concerned for the people more than himself.

Many people, who would never attend a church service, are reached because someone they work with takes the time to witness to them. Sometimes it is not in the words they say, but by the example they give. Our examples of approaching something from a Christian perspective shows the lost person a better way of life.

God has placed each of us in this position with an opportunity to be a witness for him to many different people.

CONC: Obadiah was no outstanding individual. He was just an ordinary man whom God used for his purpose. He will do the same through each of us if we will let Him.

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