Summary: The focus of my sermon is to redefine and retify the wrong impression of success in life generally.

#SUCCESS-Joshua1:8Theme: Good SuccessText: Gen 39:2-6, Luke 12:15

Success in the world is quite different from success in the Word. Literally the world see success as attaining or achieving something that is useful in this life on earth, but the word (God) sees or classify success as achieving something of eternal and infinite value worth the life here on earth and the life to come.Success in the eyes of the norms is a destination but before the Lord is a journey that you keep treading till you meet up with Him in glory.

Paul illustrated that (phil 3:13-15) by saying his good success or God kind of success is not tie to the results but the prize of the higher calling. I hereby decree someone who thought they have arrived and because of such mindset is beginning to fall, today the Lord's mercy will locate, set you free and open up your eyes to greater and good success in Jesus' Name. Prov 23:7

From our text in Gen 39:2-6, good success is being with the Lord or only comes to an individual when the Lord is with that person. That doesn't means you won't have problems but if it comes you have an ally to deal with it if and only if you are abiding in Him. John 15:1-5, ps 1:1-3

When God gives a man success there are some practical keys observation that will guarantee the flow of that success. These are the keys:

1. You must remember the Lord at all time in your success. Deut 8:18. You remember God most specifically by your gratitude to Him, knowing He is the source and power that enable you the wealth or success.

2. You must keep observing and doing His word not partially but fully. Jos 1:8, prov 3:1-4

3. You must obey your parents both spiritual and biological parents irrespective of their status. Deut 5:16.4. Prayer (Neh 1:10). Quite interestingly you might have asked your self is it possible to keep praying and have goid success? Possible!! Success are in diverse manifestation, you can be successful in wealth but healthily you are down, only the power of the Holy Spirit is the remedy to all impossibilities of man and remember He can as well drop a single revelations that can keep a man successful for His whole life time, spiritually, physically, mentally and wealth wise. That very power is only available in the place of prayer. Ps 11:3, Job 12:22, 2ndChron 1:6-12. So prayer is so vital and should be your priority for good success.

5 You must be obedient and generous to kingdom principles and humanity. Paying of tithe, first fruits and offerings are kingdom principles that must be done especially for tithe paying which isn't an option but a mandate from the Lord and you must as well be generous to humanity. Remember there's nothing you have that you didn't recieve, so keep to your steward responsibility which is exoected of you by the Lord, because He promises to bless you with good success. Mala 3:8-10, luke 16:106. Last but not the least you must be kingdom minded by delighting in the Ways and will of Him. Prov 3:6, psalms 37:23-24, matt 28:18-20.

Take to note God is more concern about His purpose than your plans, (Prov 19:21) so failure to actualise that robs you of good success.This leave me to say you can never give out what you don't have, so if you haven't recieve the gift of Success (John 3:16-18, the Lord Jesus), you can never have that mind in you talkless of giving it out (phil 2:5, John 6:38; 4:34, 9:4).

In conclusion, seeing that a man's life before the Lord is not base on his accumulations of earthly possessions, but being with Him and in Him, now you can make the right choice cause success is a mind game that is attainable and maintanable by choice. One greatest danger of success is pride, I pray for you, the Lord will be merciful and clear every spirit of pride in you as you climb the ladder of success in Jesus. James 4:7, Prov 16:18P

Prayer..Pls be merciful to me and fast forward my good success and make me successful for your glory.

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