Summary: In this sermon, we discuss Spiritual Growth.

Text: 2 Peter 1:1-11

ETS: Peter writes about spiritual growth.

ESS: This sermon informs us about spiritual grwoth.

OSS: God’s people will grow spiritually.

PQ: What does this passage teach me about spiritual growth.

UW: Facts

I. God has given us the means to grow spiritually (vv2-4)

A. He has given us everything that we need to grow spiritually (v3a)

1. His Holy Spirit (John 16:5-15)

a. He draws us to salvation (vv5-11)

b. He guides us unto all truth (vv12-15)

2. The Bible (2 Tim 3:16-17)

a. God’s exact words are contained in scripture (v16a)

b. It teaches us what to believe (v16b)

c. It tells us when we are wrong (v16c)

d. It tells us how to get right (v16d)

e. It tells us how to stay right (v16e)

f. It equips us to do everything God calls us to do (v17)

3. He gave us older Christians to disciple us (Matt 28:19-20)

II. He gave us the motivation to grow spiritual (vv2-4)

A. He saved us from destruction (v3b)

B. He has given us great and precious promises (v4a)

C. He gave us a new nature (v4b)

III. He gave us the method to grow spiritually (vv5-7)

A. He has shown us that we must put forth the effort to grow spiritually (v5a)

B. We must add virtue to faith (v5b & James 1:21-27)

C. We must add knowledge to virtue (v5c, Rev 3:1-7, & I Peter 3:15)

D. We must add self-control to knowledge (v6a & James 3:13-18)

E. We must add perservence to self-control (v6b)

F. We must add godliness to perservence (v6c & I Peter 4:12-19)

G. We must brotherly kindness to godliness (v7a & Matt 6:1-4)

H. We must add love to brotherly kindness (v7b & I Cor 13:3)

IV. God shows us the manifestation of spiritually growth (vv8-11)

A. You will bear fruit (v8)

1. New Converts (Matt 13:1-9)

2. The fruit of the spirit (Gal 6:22-23)

B. You will live a righteous life (v9)

C. You will not backslide (vv10-11)

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