Summary: In this message I want us to look at 3 ways to know your heart is failing you and more importantly failing God.


A. In our study about David we have learned how the Lord was blessing him.

B. Last week we talked about the question David imposed upon his brother and the army of Israel, when he asked, “Is there not a cause?”

C. David, I think was angry for two reasons.

1. He was mad at the Israelite army for not depending on the Lord to bring them through this battle as he had done before.

2. He was angry at Goliath for defying his and our living God.

3. It should make us angry when Christians don’t depend on God and give reasons for not doing what they know they are supposed too.

4. It should make us even angrier when people call Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior, and have no respect for Him in their lives, and blame others for it. That’s just what Adam did, he didn’t take responsibility for himself. IS THIS THE WAY YOU ACT?

5. It should make us angry to see people who defy the Lord and say they don’t want or need Him.

6. Even though we should be angry about these things, we should above all of this, love them with a Godly love.

D. Some good questions you may want to answer are; Do you love Jesus with all your heart? Do you love your Father which art in Heaven?

E. David answered his question in verse 29, “Is there not a cause?”, with a very good statement in verse 32; “Let no man’s heart fail because of him.”

F. In the physical life that each of us have, you will ultimately die when your physical heart fails.

G. In the spiritual life that each of us have, you will die also if your heart fails. It’s a different death too.

H. Today I want us to look at 3 ways to know your heart is failing you and more importantly failing God.


A. David as frustrated as he was said, “Thy servant will go.”

B. Samuel answered the Lord when the Lord called him, “Here am I”, and he was willing to go even when he didn’t like what the Lord told him to do.

C. When Isaiah heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? He answered, Here am I; send me.”

D. If the Lord has told you to do something or appointed you through election by the church to do something, why do you look for ways out of doing it?

1. Remember what Samuel told Saul?

2. He told Saul to obey was better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams.

3. You obedience to the Lord will insure you not to have heart failure concerning Him.

E. We talked about some Old Testament people who answered the Lord, “Send me”, so what about New Testament people.

1. The disciples all let their lively hoods to follow the man who could give them eternal life.

2. He told them to follow and they did.

3. Saul, in the book of Acts, who later became Paul, met Jesus on the road to Damascus and He followed Christ.

4. Where are you concerning following Christ?

F. A good sign of heart failure is not wanting to be obedient to HIM.

G. Some clues of heart failure are;

1. Quitting church simply because you are angry at someone at church.

2. Not coming to church because of negative feedback from others. You are worried about what people think about you serving God.

3. You don’t pick up your Bible and study the way you should.

4. You don’t obey the Commander and Chief of your spiritual life.


A. You may say that Satan is really eating your lunch and working you over.

B. Either way, He is on your case.

C. Satan and his angels only battle a Christian who is striving to serve the Lord.

1. He cannot have you

2. He can only do what the Lord allows for him to do.

3. Satan hates you and wants to destroy you.

D. In the wilderness, Satan tempted the Lord Jesus all the time.

E. But, Jesus used the Word of God to answer everyone of Satan’s lies.

F. David was all about destroying, not only the Philistine army, which defied the Lord, but anyone else who did.

G. He desired to know more about the Lord and follow him even closer.

H. David did not want Goliath to thing he had the upper hand upon him.

1. In verse 46, David was extremely confident that he was going to see the Lord take Goliath down.

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