Summary: This sermon takes the journey from I Samuel 8 wheh the Israelites "rejecti" a God they cannot see to the "visible presence of God in Jesus" whom they can see and still reject. The cosmic war of Rev. 12 is on going. quotes from Max Lucado and John Stott

In Jesus Holy Name November 22, 2015

Text: Revelation 19:11,16 Christ the King Redeemer

“Jesus, King of Kings?”

When we think about the return of Jesus, the first image that may appear in our mind will be His arrival in the clouds, surrounded by angels. We may look forward to walking the streets of gold. When He returns he will come as King and Judge, the absolute Rule over all creation. (from the article Christ Our Coming King by Joseph Stowell Decision Magazine October 2009)

The writer of the book of Hebrews writes: “It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God.” “..for when He comes it will be with judgment and raging fire that will consume the enemies of God.” (10:27,31)

When Jesus took His disciples to Caesarea Philippi Jesus gave His disciples a pop quiz. He asked them who people thought he was. Both religious and non religious Jews were waiting for the Jewish Messiah, a King who would restore Israel’s former glory and throw out the Romans. The Jewish people remembered God’s promise to David that a descendant would rule on the throne of Israel.

Jesus wasn’t worried about His public image. Nor was He asking this question because He didn’t know the answer. He knew. Peter did not disappoint us. He declared: “You are the Christ,= the Messiah,= thus the King, the Son of the Living God.” The Name Christ is not his “last name”. It means Messiah, the Anointed One, a reference to Kingship.

In our Sunday morning Bible Class we are studying the book of Romans. In chapter 9 the Apostle Paul is upset, no, saddened that his own Jewish people have rejected Jesus as their Messiah, their King.

Read Romans 9:4-5 He is asking: How could you miss seeing the true King of Israel” “He was here!”

Adoption - through Abraham

Divine glory – the Exodus, the presence of God in a cloud

The covenants – promises to Abraham & David

The law - the ten commandments….

The temple worship - We remember that God promised to dwell in the temple built by Solomon.

Paul’s point…. Israel complained to Samuel that they wanted a King they could see…. Now when the King of the universe appears in flesh… the King you rejected Him.


1. Yahweh the Creator of the Universe was the true King of


2. I Samuel 8:7 when the Israelites asked Samuel for a King God said, “Samuel they are rejecting me as King.”

3. God calls David from shepherding sheep to be their visible king who would demonstrate justice & mercy.

4. When Solomon built the temple God promise to dwell there forever I Kings 8:13 “if” I Kings 9:4

We know they failed. (Assyrian & Babylonian captivity in 740 B.C. and 597 & 586 B.C.)

5. The question? How could God who loved His people reclaim His place as their King?

In Ezekiel 34 God promised to come as a “shepherd” and search for the lost sheep. Didn’t Jesus say to the Jews: “I am the Good Shepherd?”

This promise to reclaim His rightful place as King of the Universe is why the wise men inquired as to the location of the birth of the King of the Jews. “It was a hint.” It is why King Herod in a jealous rage slaughtered the innocents to wipe out any threat to His throne. After Jesus fed the 5000 John writes: They thought Jesus was the Messiah and they sought to make Him King by force. (Jn 6)

The Kingship of Jesus is why Matthew begins his gospel with a genealogy proving that Jesus was from in the linage of King David. When Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey in a royal procession He was proclaiming that He was a “servant king”. He told his disciples: “The Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and give His life as a ransom for many.” (Matthew 20:8)

The Pharisees told the Romans that Jesus was an insurrectionist and wanted to overthrow the Roman government. Isn’t that the reason Pilot asked Jesus:

“Are you the King of the Jews?” And Jesus said: “My Kingship is not of this world. My Kingdom is from another place.”

What words did Pilot nail to the cross of Jesus? “King of the Jews.” (II Samuel 7:16; Ezekiel 34)

(#7) John writes in Revelation 12 about a “cosmic war” being waged on earth between God and Satan. (read)

Jesus Himself was involved in this warfare from the moment of his birth, escaping Herod’s murdering soldiers to defeating Satan’s temptations in the wilderness. (Matt 4)

Listen to the battle in Mark 1:21. (read)

The religious Pharisees reject Jesus, they seek to stone him “not because of the miracles but because as a mere man he was claiming to be God.” John 10:22-32

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