Summary: This is about Jesus before and after death, and how we still need him.

Introduction: Welcome to Chattanooga Valley Baptist Church This morning I will be speaking from the book of Acts. If you have your copy of God’s word would you turn with me to the book of Acts chapter 1 Verse 1- 11.

Read Acts 1: 1-11

Opening Prayer

In the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John we read about all the great things that Jesus had done. He turned the water into wine, and how he ran the men selling goods in the temple out and told them to “ Get these things out of here! How dare you turn my Fathers house into a market!” The men were selling cattle, sheep and doves. Don’t think that Jesus couldn’t get mad, because he drove them out with a whip that he made with cords. We know he healed the blind made the lame to walk, cast demons from the sick. He healed the invalid that had not walked for thirty- eight years. Jesus said to him,” Get up! Pick up your mat and walk.” At once he was healed and did what Jesus told him, he picked up his mat and walked. We also know Jesus feed five thousand people with only five small barley loaves and two small fish. Jesus took the loaves and the fish and gave thanks, then gave them as much as they could eat.

Then the time came when Jesus was arrested. They tried and sentenced him to death. He was to be crucified on the cross. This was the worse way of all to die. We know he was nailed to the cross and died, and guess what? After three days Jesus arose just as he told his disciples he would. Mary Magdalene went to the disciples and told them that she had seen the Lord and he is alive. He appeared to them over a time of forty days. Jesus told the disciples he was going to be with the Father and they could not go. But he told them to go into all the world and preach the good news to all creations that whoever believes and is baptized will be saved. Then the Lord finished speaking to them and he was taken up into heaven and was sat at the right hand of God and a cloud hid him from there sight

Jesus gave instructions to the apostles through the Holy Spirit. Jesus told his disciples not to leave Jerusalem and wait for the gift that the Father had promised. He told them that John baptized with water but they would baptize with the Holy Spirit. Jesus told them when the Holy Spirit comes they would be his witnesses to all the nations of the earth.

Lots of people, sinners and Christians go through life thinking they can do anything they want but that is not true. We live our lives as if there was going to be no end. Some gossip some lie others take things from work that they need at home, but it is stealing.

We back- bit people and say bad things about them. We kiss up to there face then stab them in the back, all in the name of the Lord. Jesus has told to love one another as he loved the church. We never do anything wrong, it is always someone’s fault but our own

The love Jesus Christ showed to all people is the same love we should show each other. From one end of the Bible to the other all he talks about is to love each other. That means red and yellow black and white, all the children of the world. You can’t pick and choose you should love them all in the name of Jesus Christ. Each one of us that have Jesus in our hearts need to be about God’s work, and not the work of the Devil. We need to reach out to the unsaved and draw them in with the love of our savior. Jesus died for all. He gave his life freely so we could share in eternal live, a life that never ends. How could anyone turn him away? For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not parish but have eternal life.

This place called hell is not a myth but a real place where you will spend eternal life a life of endless torment, wailing, weeping, and gnashing of teeth. A place filled with unquenchable fire,It’s A lake of fire burning with brimstone. I don’t think anyone wants to go there. Hell is a real place with real punishment and pain. Let the horror scare you out of going there. Choose Jesus Christ today he is standing at your heart wanting to come in. Make the first step to be saved by Jesus. You may not have another chance.

Contributor, Steve Smith

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