Summary: This message traces the lineage of the Jubilee promise of freedom from Luke 4 back through Isaiah 61 to its roots in Leviticus 25. In Luke 4, Jesus announced a Jubilee greater than the Mosaic Year of Jubilee. He pronounced that He had come to bring the

TITLE: "The Jubilee: More than a Year"

TEXT: Luke 4:12-21

INTRODUCTION: FREEDOM - The TREASURE and FOCUS of our heritage in America. Did you ever stop to think that FREEDOM is the reason Jesus Christ came to this earth.

The “Jubilee” is a secret from the heart of God. It is His way of letting people know that no matter how messed up things might get, we are never too far away from His forgiveness and restoration.

It is represented in Scripture by...

1.) ...a FOUNDATION in a PRINCIPLE. (Leviticus 25)

2.) ...a BRIDGE in a PROPHECY. (Isaiah 61)

3.) ...a FULFILLMENT in a PERSON. (Luke 4)


CONCLUSION: ...a REALITY in a PEOPLE. (Luke 4:21)

If you’ve not accepted the supernatural freedom of God from your SIN, then you’ve not discovered the greatest freedom ever known in the history of the world. This life is the one chance that you have to do that.

“Only one life. It will soon be past. Only what’s done for God will last.” (Charles Spurgeon)

Someone once said, “Remember the shortness of life and the length of eternity.” (James 4:14)

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