Summary: A message of care to the lost and the saved!

Lighten Your Load.

By Ian Biss 4/20/01


Illustration of woman on phone. The telephone rings, and the young mother answers. "Honey, it’s mom. I called because I know that you’re busy with the three children, and I want to give you some help. I’m going to stop by to clean the house, take care of the baby, and prepare dinner for when the boys get home from school.

I want you to get ready to go to my beautician, I paid her already, she is going to give you "the works," your appointment is at 1:00.

Give George a call at the office and tell him that you will meet him at Chez Jays for dinner, on me..."

The young mother suddenly interrupts and asks "George, who is George?"

"Your husband." says the caller.

"My husbands name is Fred." She replies.

"Is this 555-3212?"

"No this is 555-2212"

"I’m sorry I have the wrong number." says the now embarrassed caller.

After a pause, the young mother sheepishly asks, "Does this mean that you’re not coming over?"

Do you feel as though you could use a phone call like that? Do you feel that way? Maybe pressure from work, or a recent event in your life has you wishing someone would just come and take care things for you so that you can have a little rest.

If you feel that way, then I have good news for you, because God wants to do just that for you! Yes He does, He wants to give you a break.

I know that sounds hard to believe, but it’s true, Jesus wants you to relax. Believe it and read it for yourself.

Read Text - Matthew 11:28-30

In this passage, Jesus is sharing with his disciples what He desires for His children more than anything else. He is saying that He wants to take care of them.

Do you know what else He is saying? He wants to take care of you too!

Think about that a moment, our great and awesome and powerful God wants to take care of you. (Pause for effect)

Jesus wants to lighten your load, and He will take upon Himself all of your cares if you will take a few simple steps.

I. Come to Me. (Vs. 28)


In this verse Jesus is sharing the first step we all must take in order to receive what God really has to offer us, we must come to Christ.

Jesus Christ came to save you, he came that you might obtain eternal life and the only implication he makes in order for you to receive eternal life is that you believe in him, and if that were all he is offering you, it would be enough. Yet, in these verses you see that he is offering you eternal life yes, and so much more. He is offering to take care of you and showing his desire to see you through the thick and thin of life. When you are weary and burdened, come to him and he will give you the rest you truly need!



Edison’s example: It is said that it took Thomas Edison 10,000 tries before he finally was successful in inventing the lightbulb. When questioned about why he never became discouraged, his answer was,"I did not fail in all of those attempts rather, I discovered 9,999 ways not to invent the lightbulb."

There are so many ways not to do something yet, isn’t that what you so often find yourself doing? For instance, ladies when the sink is clogged, what is the first thing you all do? Get a plunger? NO! Get the Drain-O? NO! You call the man of the house. You all know that you’re only asking for more problems yet, at the first sign of trouble around the house what is your first instinct? It goes something like this. HONEEEY!

Sadly, many of you, when you find yourselves in need of spiritual help go to the psychic hotline. When you find yourself in need of emotional help seek the advise of a newspaper psychologist. These people may truly wish to help, but they don’t love you, they will never die for you, they will never lighten your load as only Jesus Christ can and will if only you will come to him.

Something that is even more disheartening is the fact that so many people, when they find themselves in spiritual or emotional need turn to drugs or alcohol or some other dead end.

Yes, if the solution to your problem doesn’t begin at the cross, then friend, you will only have more problems that need solved!

Life begins at 40? Maybe. Eternal life begins at the cross! Friends, there is only one place you can go in order to receive life more abundant; the true person, our God and savior and lord Jesus Christ.

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