Summary: Throughout The Bible you can find moms that face great feats, & yet they raise their babies throughout it all. The one, I am going to point out today is, Naomi.

Sermon- Mother’s Day 2020

- Today we celebrate Mother’s Day.

- Once again, what a way to celebrate.

- These are difficult times, but let’s look at how God works through the difficult


- Throughout The Bible you can find moms that face great feats, & yet they raise their

babies throughout it all.

- The one, I am going to point out today is, Naomi.

- I want to begin with reading Ruth 1:1-6, & I want you to see the similarities that

Naomi faces & the ones that many of us are facing.

- Then Let’s see how God works in this mom’s life, & including the world around


Ruth 1:1-6

1 Now it came to pass in the days when the judges ruled, that there was a famine in the land. And a certain man of Bethlehemjudah went to sojourn in the country of Moab, he, and his wife, and his two sons.

2 And the name of the man was Elimelech, and the name of his wife Naomi, and the name of his two sons Mahlon and Chilion, Ephrathites of Bethlehemjudah. And they came into the country of Moab, and continued there.

3 And Elimelech Naomi's husband died; and she was left, and her two sons.

4 And they took them wives of the women of Moab; the name of the one was Orpah, and the name of the other Ruth: and they dwelled there about ten years.

5 And Mahlon and Chilion died also both of them; and the woman was left of her two sons and her husband.

6 Then she arose with her daughters in law, that she might return from the country of Moab: for she had heard in the country of Moab how that the Lord had visited his people in giving them bread.

- Naomi is the mom who lost it all.

- I place her in the position of Job. His wife told him, why don’t you curse God & die.

Q- What could God be doing?

Q- Why did this happen to Naomi?

- As we go into prayer, let’s remember we serve a God who can!

- We serve a God who has always had a plan.


- Something That is often overlooked & forgotten is, the fact that God is not only

Omniscient, but He is Omnipotent.

- Those two words mean He’s all knowing, There’s nothing God doesn’t already

know, & He’s all powerful.


> Joke - God’s omnipotence (

As a matter of fact, A Sunday school teacher was asking her students some questions after a series of lessons on God's omnipotence. She asked, "Is there anything God can't do?"

All was silent. Finally, one boy held up his hand.

The teacher, on seeing this, was disappointed that they had missed the point of the lesson. She sighed and asked, "Well, what is it you think God can't do?"

The boy replied, "He can't please everybody."

- There’s the answer!

- Going Through the storm, or difficulty, never is fun, but when the pain is done, is

over. Then the happiness begins.

- Notice, i said happiness, not Joy. The things of this world may take our happiness

away, but they cannot take our Joy away.

- The Psalmist writes in psalm 30:5

Psalm 30:5

5 For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.

- This precious mother has lost the love of her life, & then her two beloved sons.

- Weeping, yeah I don’t think there’s words strong enough to tell of her weeping.

Q- Who does she blame for her misery?

Q- Does she blame God?

- No, I believe what she does, is what many mothers do.

- She took all the pain upon herself, Listen.

7 Wherefore she went forth out of the place where she was, and her two daughters in law with her; and they went on the way to return unto the land of Judah.

8 And Naomi said unto her two daughters in law, Go, return each to her mother's house: the Lord deal kindly with you, as ye have dealt with the dead, and with me.

9 The Lord grant you that ye may find rest, each of you in the house of her husband. Then she kissed them; and they lifted up their voice, and wept.

10 And they said unto her, Surely we will return with thee unto thy people.

11 And Naomi said, Turn again, my daughters: why will ye go with me? are there yet any more sons in my womb, that they may be your husbands?

12 Turn again, my daughters, go your way; for I am too old to have an husband. If I should say, I have hope, if I should have an husband also to night, and should also bear sons;

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