Summary: Our leaders in congress our president our judges have not judged correctly they have called what is evil good and what is good evil.


1st 100 days of shame

Jeremiah 1:16-19 2:7-19

Jeremiah the weeping prophet was charged by God to deliver his message to the people of Israel and like us, they had forsaken the Lord and had followed after other gods. Gods of gold, silver and stone gods that could not save them.

Proverbs 29:2 (King James Version)

2When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

We have cause to morn in America the land of the not so free anymore!!!

• Reverse the pro-life Mexico City Policy - Accomplished by Executive Order on January 23, 2009.

• Restore funding to the UNFPA –

• Increase Title X Funding (Planned Parenthood Funding Stream) to $700M - Title X Domestic Family Planning received an increase of about $7.5 million for a total of $307M. (2.5% increase) More requested for FY 2010.

• Rescind Conscience Protections for Medical Providers – person in the medical field will be forced to participate in abortion or lose there license.

• Strike Abortion Budgetary Restrictions Kemp-Kasten language limiting funds for organizations connected to coercive abortion practices weakened in FY 2009 budget.

• Provide $1B for International Family Planning - International Family Planning received an increase of $88 million for a total of $545 million. (19% percent increase over $457 million in FY08).

• Select Pro-Abortion Judicial Nominees David Hamilton nominated for U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.

• Choose Pro-Abortion Federal Appointees Achieved with nominations of Kathleen Sebelius, Janet Napolitano, David Ogden, Elena Kagan, Ellen Moran, Dawn Johnsen, and more.

• Review Policies that Restrict Access to Emergency Contraception FDA approved access to Plan B for 17 year olds.

• Reduce the Cost of Birth Control at College Health Centers Nominal drug pricing for university and community clinics included in FY 2009 Budget.

1) A letter was sent out to all law enforcement agencies that stated: “Persons who criticize the government, are pro-life, support the right to bear arms and person who are right wing conservatives are to be considered a terrorist threat.”

2) Two black pastors were arrested in Washington DC for praying on a public sidewalk. Even

Sprinklers were turned on to wet them down first.

3) Hate crimes bill (pedophile protection bill) expected to pass, this will make It illegal to

Preach Against homosexuality.

4) 3.5 Trillion dollar budget. (Break our nation)

5) Anti Gun legislation proposed.

6) Negative stance toward Israel.

7) Meeting with our enemies: leading Hamas official endorsed Barack Obama stating, “I do believe [Obama] is like John Kennedy, a great man with a great principle”

8) Refused to pray publicly at the national day of prayer.

I hope you can see where all of this is headed.

First: You take away free speech with Hate crimes bill then with a Hate propaganda bill /hate speech legislation to silence the opposition.

Second: Remove free press with reinstating the fairness doctrine and start fining all news and information outlets that appose your point of view.

Third: Remove parental rights, take the children from parents and indoctrinate them with new global socialistic training at government training camps.

Fourth: Remove gun ownership for private citizens so they cannot appose you by force.

Fifth: Remove a person’s right to object to performing adorations, mercy killings and forced sterilizations based on conscience.

Sixth: Orchestrate or allow a large terrorist attack as an excuse to in act marshal law and suspend future elections due to on going war.

You see know Jesus Christ Know freedom. NO Jesus No freedom.

Jer 2:7-8 God gave us this fertile land but we have defiled it with homosexuality and the blood of the innocent. Our spiritual leaders are not standing up in unison. We are now worshiping the gods of gold (money) wood (fancy houses) Stone (mother earth)

Our new priest are secular scientists that promise eternal life if they can just create enough babies and kill them for there body parts so you can live forever!

Jer 2:12 be appalled at this! Shudder with great horror! God declares!

Look at Jer 2:13- Two sins America has committed two sins forsaken the life giving spring of Jesus Christ and dug mud hole that can’t hold water.

We as a nation are dieing of spiritual thirst!

We have become our own enemy Jer 2:19 Your wickedness will punish you! Your backsliding will rebuke you. It is evil and bitter when we forsake the Lord our God!

Vs 20 (read) I the sixties we declared

free love-

freedom from the 10 commandments

freedom from restraint.

And now with this administration freedom from Christianity-Christ-prayer-Bible-God

God has called us to stand for righteousness not just to sit and pray.

It’s like we are leaning on a shovel and praying for a hole.

Faith without works is dead and many silent Christians today have a dead faith.

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