Summary: God created man and female and called them people. Do we still have people in the world. Read on.

Sermon: Operation Restore!!

Gen 5:1-2 This is the book of the generations of Adam (translated MAN). In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made he him. Male and female created he them and blessed them and called their name Adam (translated MAN), in the day when they were created.

It is important to realize that on the day of creation, God created MAN, not animals. If you can look all around you closely including yourself, do you see men (as in people) or animals (as in animal behavior)? When man was created God sighed a triumphant sigh and said: “THIS IS Beautiful, Fearfully and Wonderfully made in our image!” His desire was that man be like him in fairness, holiness, and righteousness but something happened along the way! The Devil’s first sermon and Adam (translated man) lost his dignity, his glory, his standing, his dominion and his IDENTITY. He became a possessor of negativities like sickness, poverty /lack, directionless ness, criminology, corruption and Death! Instead of man God was faced with animals purporting to be man, and these are still in the world today!

What would you call a 45yr old man who rapes a 5yr old kid? Or a stepmother who ill-treats stepchildren? Or this generation roaming the streets brain-dead puffing cancer sticks and stuffing beer and drugs into their bodies? Or even a 6yr old that would blow the brains of another kid with a gun? Or a man/woman that drinks LITRES of alcohol in one night: are you alone? Or a man that wants to be husband to every woman in the streets?

No! man was long extinct!! We have animals: dogs, pigs, snakes and beasts walking all over the streets. Some are occupying positions of influence and authority yet MAN (the remnant) has no authority and is unknown. Its time for Restoration! Today is operation RESTORE!

Spirit of Elijah arise! To restore the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers!

Holy Spirit arise! That young men might see visions and old men dream dreams!

Jesus Christ arise! The author and perfector/finisher of our faith. For when Christ comes into your life you become a new creature you become original again, that animality and animosity is forgotten about! This is operation RESTORE! When god created Adam and Eve he called them PEOPLE, look again around you and check how much restoration is needed!

Shalom! Life to you all!

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