Summary: The assurance and security of those who make God their refuge and tower

Our Security Is In God

Psalm 91:1-11


•The consideration of the past month with S.A.R.S here in Toronto

•The perplexity of the medical profession

•The worry and fear among the elderly

•The announcement of World Health Organization (Read Travel Advisroy)

•The general worry and anxiety of those in society, of those who care for the sick, of the sick who have been directly impacted with the illness

•Believers who begin to pronounce it as the beginning of the end (coming of plagues)

•The great contrast between those who are frightened and wear masks, and those who say there is nothing to worry about

Question: Does the word of God have anything to say to us in this circumstance, in these times?

(Read Psalm 91:1-11)

Vs. 1 Relationship


•Refers to a permanent residence

•A place where one makes and calls home

•Refers to making permanent residence, being at home, in the “shelter of God”


•A place of protection

•A place of covering

•A place of security


Discuss the use and function of an umberella – it works and provides these things only when we are under it.


•To continue, to permanently, to remain, to constantly

•When you live/abide/take up residence by daily dwelling under the umbrella of God’s shelter/protection


•A shadow is never found far from the object of the shadow

•It always starts at the object

•To abide in the shadow is to constantly continue, to remain in closeness, in proximity, in relationship to the presence of the almighty God.


Share relationship with brother who is body builder. Arms like trees, etc. Is Auto mechanic, has legs like steel, hands like vicegrips. I feel very secure no matter where I am when he is with me. And what should we fear, when we are in the presence, abiding in the shadow of the Almighty God of the Universe.

“If God be for us, who can be against us!”

Vs. 2 Faith or Fatalism

“I will say to the Lord,…”

•To be a Christian who believes in the Sovereignty of God is not to be a fatalist, it is not “che sara` sara” Not whatever will be will be

•Never, faith is never fatalistic, it is proactive

•Faith turns the heart toward God, toward heaven

•Faith cries out to God

•Faith declares trust and confidence in God, in his word, in his promises

“I will say to the Lord, my refuge and my fortress

•Faith is much more than positive thinking or positive confession

•Faith is declaring to the world, and to God that He is MY refuge and MY fortress


•A place to turn into during the midst of the storm

•It is a good thing to know where your refuge is in the crisis of storm

•Many a person has fallen to Hypothermia because they had no refuge during the storm

(illustrate with story of 3 young men lost in woods)

•God is our refuge

•God is where we turn to to come in out of the storms of life

•When the tempest is threatening to destroy us / overwhelm us we know where we can run to, where we can get in out of the elements, where we can rest, where we can be protected and restored


•A fortress reminds me of a huge castle, built out of stone, thick walls, positioned high upon on the hill

•It is a place of security

•It is a place of defense

•It is a place where the enemy can not enter, can not touch us, can not reach

•It is guarded and protected by day and by night

•It has watchmen upon the walls and the towers

God is my fortress

•He is more than just a place to find shelter and get in out of the storm, to find rest

•He is my defender, my protection, He surrounds me with his presence like the high walls of the castle, He sets his watchmen (angels) around me

•The enemy can not touch me when I am in the fortress of his presence

That is why a constant daily life of worship is so vital and important

How Is God a Fortress and a refuge?

Vs 3 He delivers from the snare of the trapper


•one who hunts


•hidden traps designed to take it’s prey by surprise

God delivers us from the unseen, hidden traps of Satan, who intends to take us captive by them

Vs. 4 He covers you with His Pinions


1.refers to the wing feathers we find warmth and shelter

2.refers to the entire wing we find protection

3.refers to the major joint at the wing

a.Here we find closeness of relationship

His faithfulness is a shield and bulwark

•His faithfulness, his character is immutable, unmoveable, unchangeable, it becomes our shield of defence and tower of stability

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