Summary: In order to afflict human beings, evil powers also make use of animals. Through the activities of these satanic animals, a lot of lives have been caged. As you are reading this bulletin therefore, I want you to exercise three things: holy anger, holy aggr

In this message, we are looking at a very interesting topic entitled, “Paralyzing Satanic Animals.”

In order to afflict human beings, evil powers also make use of animals. Through the activities of these satanic animals, a lot of lives have been caged. As you are reading this bulletin therefore, I want you to exercise three things: holy anger, holy aggression and violent faith to uncage yourself.

A sister told me that a woman was trying to give birth to a baby in a hospital and it was a bit problematic. But as soon as she was delivered of the baby, a bird flew into the labour room and the nurses quickly caught and caged it. Immediately the bird died, the woman that gave birth also died. That was not the shocking thing. When the husband of the woman came and heard that his wife was dead, he started rejoicing and thanking God. The nurses who were by now watching the man with disbelief enquired to know why he was acting that way. The man told them that since the day he married the woman, he had never known peace. The question is who or what was that bird?

Throughout the Bible, God uses animals as symbols. For example, Jesus is referred to as the Lion of the tribe of Judah. The devil is referred to as the roaring vagabond lion. While some animals in the Bible are symbols of holiness, others are symbols of uncleanliness, wickedness and iniquity. For example, the dove, which is a gentle and harmless bird, represents the Holy Spirit. The lamb, which represents our Lord Jesus Christ, is a sacrificial, patient, and harmless animal. The eagle represents the mountain top life.

Another question is, is it possible for an animal to carry demons? The Bible says yes, because in the book of Mark 5:10-12, it is written, “And he besought him much that he would not send them away out of the country. Now there was there nigh unto the mountains a great herd of swine feeding. And all the devils besought him, saying; Send us unto the swine, that we may enter into them.”

Here, it is the demons that begged Jesus. They said, “Please Sir, we want to enter into those pigs,” and Jesus said, “Go” and they went. So, it is possible for an animal to carry demons. It does not matter how small or big the animal is.

Normally, an evil spirit will prefer to live inside a human being because there they can express themselves better. But when this is not possible, they enter into animals. They prefer human beings for better expressions. But if they cannot find one, they settle for animals. If a spiritual animal has been used to wage a spiritual war against you, or a spiritual war was waged against you in your dream with an animal, then, you really have to pray seriously. If before you got born again, you were one of those that have used animals to make charms, concoctions or sacrifices, you have to pray now. If it was used to make sacrifices against you, whether you know about it or not, you have to pray too. When you see an animal playing a negative role in your dream, you really have to pray about it. If in your dreams, you see animals running after you, biting you or doing evil things, you need to know that those things are not ordinary, you really have to pray. If you do not experience all these, but an animal appears to you physically as a satanic agent, you also have to pray.

A Professor friend of mine brought out his cutlass because a cat was crying beside his house at night. As he was about to use the cutlass on the cat, it rose on two legs and started begging him. He threw the cutlass at the cat, it landed where the cat was and entered into the ground, but the cat was still standing there. It was then he knew that there was problem. If satanic animals are working at the root of one’s life, there will always be problems.

A sister told me that when a person was born in her family the first meat they would give to that person must be elephant meat in order to neutralize the terrible spirit of anger that ran in the family otherwise, the person could destroy himself or herself because of the evil spirit of anger. So, the elephant meat was to calm the spirit of anger down and keep it under control.

There are many people who get possessed with evil spirits transferred into them from their demonic household pets. I consider it a very dangerous spiritual exercise when a believer just buys a bird, puts it inside a cage and hangs it in the house just for the purpose of watching a caged animal and not for any other business. Some people, who sleep at night and see themselves swimming in the river, still compound their problems by going to buy an aquarium and put in their sitting rooms so that water spirits can have more power in their lives. If somebody is sacrificing animals on your behalf consciously or unconsciously, you need to pray very well.

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