Summary: be informed that you cannot experience much of God’s power until you become spiritually violent. Another important truth is that violence is allowed in the spiritual world. The reason violence is allowed is that the powers that are working against people’

The Bible tells us in Zechariah 3 that Joshua the priest was standing before God and the devil at the same time was standing at his right hand to resist him. But Zechariah was lucky because the Lord rebuked the devil on his behalf. According to that passage, the problem of Joshua was that he was wearing a dirty garment and because of that dirty garment, the devil was able to resist him even though he was standing before God.

Jesus said to Simon Peter, “Simon, satan desired to sift you like wheat but I have prayed for you that your faith fail not.” This simple declaration by Jesus meant that everything was going to be all right for Peter as far as his faith did not fail. My prayer is that every spirit of faithlessness must be bound, in Jesus’ name.

The title of our message this week is the “Power of the emptiers.” What the title implies is that there are certain forces which drain things. Nahum 2:2 says, “For the Lord has turned away the excellency of Jacob as the excellency of Israel, but the emptiers have emptied them out and marred their vine branches.” Sometimes emptiers are referred to as destroyers.

Beloved, be informed that you cannot experience much of God’s power until you become spiritually violent. Another important truth is that violence is allowed in the spiritual world. The reason violence is allowed is that the powers that are working against people’s lives are stubborn, therefore Christians must be spiritually violent. This is the time for every believer to stir up himself and begin to remove every spiritual fat from his spirit and start fighting. This is the time to drop all idols and throw them into the fire: An idol is anything you place before God or beside God. The problem with having an idol is that it opens the door to the devil to come into a person’s life. And when the devil begins to live inside a person, he assumes ownership of the person’s life. The devil outside is easier to battle than the one inside. The devil inside is worse because he would operate from within. He would speak words of defeat, diseases and failure from inside. It attacks the mind and then disarms the person. At this stage, such a person cannot continue the external war because the devil inside would have weakened his inner man. So, as a believer, you must not give up at all, you should rather become violent and disarm the devil.

You may be wondering how you can become violent. The only answer is the word of God. The devil fears the word of God. Some people feel uncomfortable when they hear others discussing about demons. Such people need deliverance because God says we should not be afraid of demons. When you use the word of God to command a demon to loose his hold over a person’s life, or you command the spirit of infirmity to leave and never return to the body, you will be amazed at what will happen thereafter.

The devil does not understand nice words, phonetics or good grammar. One of the greatest men of God that ever lived was one man known as Smith Wigglesworth. On a particular day, somebody invited him to a hospital to pray for a man dying of cancer of the liver. When he got to the hospital, he suddenly jumped upon the sick man and gave him a powerful punch on his belly and the man instantly fell down from his sick bed. The shocked doctor yelled at Smith Wigglesworth: “You have killed him,” but a calm Wigglesworth told him to shut up and just watch him. Suddenly, the man’s swollen belly came down and he jumped to his feet. The doctor was by now truly amazed. Before the doctor could recover from his shock, Wigglesworth had gotten to the fourth bed in the ward. Beloved, this man called Smith Wigglesworth did not have any educational qualifications.

The reason many people cannot exercise their faith and therefore experience the power of God is because they are too educated. Instead of exercising their faith, they think academically and examine things scientifically and logically. For example, a highly educated man will not dare hit that sick man in the belly. But when the Spirit of God asked Wigglesworth to do so, he did it without looking back. He used violence in that hospital and by the time he left the place, the beds were empty of sick people.

Beloved, you must begin to change your mode of praying. You have to learn to command rather than beg. If you are still under the bondage of fornication, you have to command the demon of fornication to leave you alone. If it is infirmity, command the demon of infirmity to depart from your life.

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Royalty Crown

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