Summary: Many time we try to change things our own way but actually God gave us a tool to do this - PRAYER! Prayer Changes Things.

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Text: Jeremiah 33:3

“3 'Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”


(ILL. Canvass bought in a garage sale with quotation in it, “Prayer Changes Things.” It was place in the dining area but it was always removed by someone until the wife discovered that it was her husband and he asked why, the husband said, “I lie it but I don’t like to change.”) Our topic for today is about prayer and I entitled it, “PRAYER CHANGES THINGS.” I would like to bring you to one verse in the Old Testament where most of us probably are already familiar. Let’s open our Bible in Jeremiah 33:3 (read). Just to give you a quick background of this verse. This chapter is structurally and chronologically related to chapter 32. Jeremiah 33:1-13 continued God’s promise of blessing as He reaffirmed both the coming destruction and the future restoration of Jerusalem. God then reaffirmed His covenants with David and with the Levitical priests (vv. 14-26). Chapter 33:1-13 speaks about the coming judgment (vv. 1-5) and future restoration (vv. 6-13).

(1) THE JUDGMENT (33:1-5). Chapter 33 followed closely the message of chapter 32 as Jeremiah was still confined in the courtyard of the guard (cf. 32:1-2). God again identified Himself to Jeremiah by stressing both His power and His character. He is the God who made the earth (cf. 32:17). By revealing to Jeremiah that the LORD (Yahweh) is His name, God emphasized His covenant-keeping faithfulness on behalf of His people (cf. 32:18; Ex. 3:13-15).

(2) THE RESTORATION (33:6-13).The secret to understanding God’s seemingly contradictory prophecies of judgment and blessing is to realize that the judgment was to be only temporary. After the time of judgment God will someday bring health and healing to His city and people. God spoke to Jeremiah about Three Elements of this Blessing. First, the blessing will involve a Restoration to the Land (cf. 31:8-11; 32:37). God will bring both Judah and Israel back from captivity. Second, the blessing will involve a Restoration to the Lord (cf. 31:31-34; 32:38-40). God will cleanse the people from all their sin and forgive them of their rebellion. Third, the blessing will involve a Restoration to a Special Place of Honor Among the Nations (cf. 31:10-14). Jerusalem will bring... renown, joy, praise, and honor to God before all nations. Those nations will be in awe and will tremble as they marvel at the abundant prosperity and peace (cf. 33:6) God will lavish on His people.

But Jeremiah did not understand how God could RESTORE a nation that was destined for JUDGEMENT for DOOM (cf. Jer. 32:24-25) WE CAN SEE THAT WITHOUT GOD WE ARE DOOM (ILL. PPT. Slide), so God challenged the prophet to call to Him. This is where our text comes in. From this text I would like to propose that when we call upon God in PRAYER then Prayer Changes Things. Let’s see these principles one by one.

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