Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This message gives us understanding how our prayer life impacts our faith in God.

“Prayer Impacts our faith”


Happy New Year to all MMIM people! Today is the second day of the year and the 1st Sunday of the year. Everybody please raise your hands. Kindly inspect one another’s hands… are they complete? I mean, still have 10 fingers? I wanted to be sure if we still have complete body parts to offer to the Lord today.

I am excited for 2011. Why? Because, God has given us a new vision, it means we have a sure direction within the next 20 years. Our new vision will be called “MISSION 2030” which aims to “To reach the whole Philippines, 10/40 window countries, and the world through intentional evangelism and missions which will result in planting of 500 viable congregations by the year 2030.”

Whew! I know some of you became as excited as I am while some of us got shocked because you think the vision is too big for us. Well, God is a big God that’s why when He gives, He give something BIG.

The question is, how do we begin with this new vision? As I study the scripture, especially through the experience of the apostles, I’ve learned that the first thing they’ve done after receiving the vision, they PRAYED to GOD!

This month of January our focus is on the “IMPACT OF PRAYER”. I do hope, everyone here in MMIM EDSA grows in our prayer life this year.

Ok, let’s talk about prayer as it impacts our faith in God… Let’s read our text altogether Matt 21:22 “And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.” ESV

I. Prayer Starts in Faith

A. Everything must start in prayer

- Jesus starts his earthly ministry by spending time with his Father for 40 days and 40 nights.

- Jesus would always start his everyday in prayer.

- The disciples start their world mission in prayer.

B. Every prayer must start in faith

- Prayer is nothing without the element of faith.

- In fact you will not engage in authentic praying if you don’t have faith.

- We pray because we have faith.

Before you do anything any day at any given time and task make it a habit to engage in prayer so that you become powerful and effective.

II. Prayer Stimulates our Faith

A. When we pray our faith sparks

- Prayer motivates our faith to trust God more.

- Prayer done without faith achieves nothing.

- Every time we pray we look to God with the eyes of faith.

B. When we pray our faith strengthen

- Prayer will encourage you to pray more.

- Prayer increases the amount of our faith.

- Prayer tells us to spend more time to God in prayer.

If you think you need to experience an increase of faith, then, continue to engage in continuous prayer…

III. Prayer Satisfies our Faith

A. Faith converts prayer into an answer

- Praying in faith is like aiming and firing a gun hitting the bulls’ eye.

- Praying in faith sees an answer before it even happen.

B. Faith convince us to claim God’s promises

- Without faith we cannot get any of God’s promises.

- With faith we God’s promises becomes a reality in our lives.

If you claim to have faith in God, then translate it through constant and fervent prayer.


The word of the Lord is simple and clear: Matt 21:22 “And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.” ESV

Faith is a very important element in prayer. The bible assures us that we can only receive an answer if we have faith in Him.

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