Summary: dealing wit the spirit of lust

Yesterday we prayed about sexual sins. Today we want to conclude by praying to break the hold of the demons of lust over us. No one is immune to the attacks of the demon of lust.

The worst thing is the consequences that lustful actions and activities have brought over us. The demon of lust is very senior in the hierarchy of darkness, and uses its earth bound demons to cause confusion. Therefore we must seriously soak ourselves in the Blood of Jesus and plead the Blood before we can set ourselves free from these earthly demons.

Interestingly we do not have the power to toy around with the 2nd heaven principalities unless by divine authority from God.

Trying to engage them directly can cause overwhelming attacks and even death. When God didn’t send you, you should not venture in to the 2nd heaven to fight. Remember God sent an archangel to fight them. Daniel did not go and fight them when his prayer was held back. Divine Wisdom.

That is why the bible admonishes in 1 Corinthians 10:12

New American Standard Bible (NASB)

12 Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed that he does not fall.

Paul even spoke about averting his eyes from sin.

There is the case of a sister who was molested by her guardians between the ages of 9-12. She subsequently went thru 100 men in the space of 1 year as a freshman in college. She became the campus toilet.

When deliverance was being done for her, the chief demon in her spoke and said they had been in her since she was three when her uncle put his hands in her privates. So this door pushed her into the hands of destiny destroyers in the form of trusted family friends, and husband and wife molested her separately and together.

Subsequently, she became a nymphomaniac. Thes demons always seduced men and women to her and they laughingly confessed it during the deliverance. She even tried prostitution, making films with bestiality. All from a wicked uncle playing with her on his lap!

Why don’t we pray some prayers at this juncture;

• All consequences of wicked lust demonic attacks over my life be reversed this morning by the Blood of Jesus.

• Holy Spirit rewind my life back to wherever lust derailed my life and destiny and correct it in Jesus name.

• Blood of Jesus ransom me from all the pain I have been going thru because of past sexual encounters that I submitted my self to in Jesus name.

• You association of sexual demons monitoring my life to make it miserable, scatter tonight in Jesus name.

• The unyielding arsenal of sexual demons battering my life day and night, be destroyed by the thunder of God in Jesus name.

Someone on line has a secret they have never been able to tell anyone. It is so secret to them, they would rather die than tell anyone. Well God says, “confess your faults one to another this morning, pray for each other and you will be set free. Begin to confess all the past things you have done now. Just say them to Jesus in your mind right now so that they can be dropped off from the list that Satan has been using to accuse you till now in Jesus’ name.

There are some demons of lust and these demons have probably been responsible in bringing down more modern day ministries, upstanding Christians and potentially unsuspecting victims than all of the other ones combined and put together, especially with men. These types of demons are also responsible for all of the different kinds of perversions and filth we see running across every segment of our society today.

Here is a basic list of some areas of perversions and I want you to note that all these perversions are demons:

• Lust

• Fornication

• Adultery

• Prostitution

• Pornography

• Pedophilia

• Rape

• Incest

• Homosexuality

• Transvestism

• Transsexuality

• Sexual Orgies

• Wife swapping

• Prostitution

• Bestiality

• Sadomasochism

All of these forbidden areas with the Lord have one major thing in common – and that is they are all tied into a spirit of lust, a spirit of sexual arousal where the ultimate aim is for some kind of sexual gratification.

If you will notice, all of these kinds of activities are having our sexuality to be tied into the wrong kinds of targets. God Himself created us with the ability to have sexual thoughts and feelings, but this gift was only meant to be used and shared within the confines of a holy, heterosexual marriage, not in the above kinds of aberrant activities.

Demons obviously know we have this kind of incredible gift from the Lord, so they will do everything they can to try and get you to release this gift through the wrongs kinds of targets and activities such as the ones listed above. How many marriages, ministries, and personal lives have been totally destroyed and brought down as a result of people following after the different kinds of spirits of lust.

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