Summary: Jesus has given us same assignment of the apostles, to go, to pray and witness. It may appear impossible. To be faithful we need equipped, and encouraged, empowered. I want to share how you can be equipped, empowered and effective in the greatest commission.

Revelation is a beautiful book to close out the Holy Bible, John in time of great persecution, addresses Christians who face severe resistance and rejection. Apostles were all martyred, only John is left alive, and he’s in prison, isolated, maybe wondering what will happen, will I see this promise of the kingdom and the message of the gospel fulfilled? how will this all end? is there hope?

Jesus appears to John and gives revelation and its really encouraging, In Revelation 1:19, describes 3 divisions of this book, Revelation has 3 sections, what was in chapter 1, what is happening now in chapter 2-3, and in chap. 4-22 what will happen in the future. Today in Revelation 11, we are in the middle of a 7 year tribulation period, John sees in the vision 2 bold witnesses raised w. a seemingly Impossible assignment-- prophesy, testify to the nations, the unbelieving world the gospel of Jesus Christ! Jesus has given us that same assignment, he has cast a vision for church, send teams into our city to pray and witness. in the midst of what is a seemingly hostile culture, it may appear like a mission impossible. To be faithful we need courage, to be successful we need a miracle. Today, I want to share how you can be equipped, empowered and effective in the commission. Read Revelation 11: 1-6.

Show Dr. Jeremiah video,

Question arises, Who are these two witnesses. How is this impossible event, invincible men sharing the gospel, seen by the whole world population, how will it ever be fulfilled? What I know is that the events of Revelation 11, were once thought impossible, no way the world could ever have everyone first hand see the sequence of end times events occur, but as Dr. David Jeremiah shared, technology has caught up with Jesus prophecy. It is possible.

Who are these 2 witness. speculations 1. they are the prophets Moses and Elijah reborn from the Old Testament, or 2. two witnesses who come in the spirit and power of these prophets Elijah and Moses. Bold, counter cultural message in public place, Rev. 11:3 tells us they prophesy, “Nabi” bubble out. What we know, their message is not popular the forces of darkness resist it, Where God guides, God provides. They are given powers, signs wonders and miracles they are rejected , and publicly executed with everyone warching, left in the city streets, and every tv camera is fixed on their dead bodies, and then with the wole world watching, God raised them from the dead. Where God calls he provides, empowers to accomplish His call. Mission Possible, God empower us and give us His protection until we’ve complete the mission we are given to accomplish. Rev 11:4 is actually a direct reference to the vision God gave to the prophet Zechariah of two witnesses during zech’s day, Joshua, the high priest, and Zerubbabel, the prophet. They were also called lampstands and they were given an unending supply of the Holy Spirit. And the Lord proclaimed, “Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit.” (Zechariah 4:6). I believe the Lord still employs his witnesses in same way,

What it takes: Believers who are equiped, empowered, and effective as God's witnesses.

the equipment; unity, humility and hunger for God. 1st is a challenge, it takes unity, we go as teams, Jesus sent out 2 by 2. 2nd is Humility, we humbly share message, as one beggar telling another beggar where to find a piece of bread, 3rd is a hunger for God. "Witnessing is that deep-seated conviction that the greatest favor I can do for others is to introduce them to Jesus Christ."

it takes 17 seconds of bold courage, Holy Spirit Empowered to transition from everyday conversation to a spiritual message, transitions are key, they will be either smooth and natural or cumbersome and awkward. Don't be afraid, I have regretted more often not taking the risk, than I have ever regretted making an awkward transition. encourage you if you mess up, to fail forward.

4 steps to be effective, 1. set you thermometer on love, to speak and have a heart which might extend the unconditional favor of God,

2. Prepare to Listen deeply, understand completely, God has given us 2 ears, people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

3. as you listen to them, Discern what is spoken from perspective of the Holy Spirit, hear with the heart

4. finally Pray for them, it take 5 seconds of radical courage to ask people, ”how can we pray for you?” listen, repeat it back, ask, Did I get that right, anything else we might pray for? And then share it with God, turn their cares into prayers.