• Larry Hinkle

    Contributing sermons since Oct 21, 2019
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Louisville, Ohio Christ Church
Louisville, Ohio 44641

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  • Education: M.Div. Vanderbilt D. Min. Ashland Theological
  • Experience: pastor Christ UMC, 2002-present.
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  • Who Are The Witnesses?

    Contributed on Oct 22, 2019
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    Jesus has given us same assignment of the apostles, to go, to pray and witness. It may appear impossible. To be faithful we need equipped, and encouraged, empowered. I want to share how you can be equipped, empowered and effective in the greatest commission.

    Revelation is a beautiful book to close out the Holy Bible, John in time of great persecution, addresses Christians who face severe resistance and rejection. Apostles were all martyred, only John is left alive, and he’s in prison, isolated, maybe wondering what will happen, will I see this promise more

  • Who Are The Overcomers?

    Contributed on Oct 22, 2019
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    In spite of a very hostile culture and severe persecution of Christians, Jesus identified ones who overcame in the tribulation. These are found faithful despite persecution. They are called by Jesus overcomers. Who are these overcomers and what are the keys to victory?

    There is a battle going on in the world, struggle for worship, Satan’s goal to hinder love, to undermine loyalty, trust, and obedience to God’s word and will. the assignment Jesus gives to John, comes at a time when heavy persecution against faith. Jesus said John, write to the church, my love more

  • Who Is The Beast?

    Contributed on Oct 22, 2019
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    In Revelation 13 we hear the strategy of the antichrist, he is a deceiver, John describes how Satan will be a master at counterfeits and make it difficult to discern between what is of God and what is not. Here are 4 keys, to discern the real from the imitation, that we might live uncompromised.

    in the N.T. there are over 300 references to the Lord’s return, The most common promise in the bible spoken by Jesus, I will return, this promise inspired a great hope, kingdom of God est. no more evil, no more persecution, no more hate, no more, crime, no more disease disaster, decay or death. more

  • Who Are The 144,000?

    Contributed on Oct 22, 2019
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    The identity of the 144,000 survivors of tribulation is a mystery, It takes much courage to venture into areas where clarity is needed. This enigmatic passage is included in the Word, and to ignore it does not contribute to the full counsel of God.

    in Rev. 1:19, Jesus told John to write, what was, What is now, and what will happen later, chapters 4-22 are about what will happen later. Greek word for Revelation is Apokalypses, which means uncovering or revealing of events which will happen in the last days, and end times. I believe the more

  • Who Are The Kings From The East?

    Contributed on Oct 22, 2019
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    This message seeks to expose and reveal the mysteries of apocalyptic images right before the Second Coming of Christ. it challenges believers to be faithful, focused and unflappable in light of the Return of Christ.

    Best life practices, most solid advice, came from my time as a boy Scout … Scout motto is be prepared, and its always worthwhile to observe some timeless codes of conduct, especially practices like: thrifty, clean, brave and reverent, they are go-to principles when the future looks uncertain. I more

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