Summary: This message is very simple, yet contains great truth.

During the Jewish feast of "Purim" a time when gifts are given to the poor, there are several things to notice about this story.

(1) There are great numbers of sick, halt, blind,and maimed waiting to get into the water.

(A) The man in our text was the very epitome of his race, sick in body and in soul.

(2) Jesus was attracted by his misery.

(a) Here is a man, 38 years in this condition, unable to do no more than crawl to the pool, maybe he had been well at one time.

(b) Jesus saw that his greatest misery was not physical, but spiritual.

(3) Many people were there waiting and struggling for help.

(4) Jesus sought to awaken this man’s faith.

(a) Notice the question asked by our Lord, "Wilt thou be made whole?"

(b) There are people who have no desire to be made whole. They are perfectly happy in their misery, the only thing that will make them happy is for someone else to be as miserable as they are.

(1) Perhaps they delight in the sympathy they receive when they are sick and afflicted.

(5) Listen to this man’s answer,

(A)"I’ve been waiting here by this pool for someone to come along and help me. I need a friend, but no one has yet been able to help".

(B) He began to tell a tale of woe.

(a) I’ve depended on man

(b) Did he want sympathy or healing?

(c) First he is waiting on a man, then he waits on an angel.

(d) Jesus doesn’t help anyone against their will. "Wilt Thou"

(6) The Command

(A) "Rise, take up thy bed and walk’

(1) The bed had borne him, he now bears the bed

(B) Listen to the voice of divine authority and power!

(1) (Ec. 8:4) "Where the Word of a King is, there is power".

Perhaps you too have exhausted all of your means searching for a miracle.Remember Jesus is your answer.

the question is "wilt thou"