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  • Not My Timing, But His PRO Sermon

    Contributed by Sermon Spark on Nov 24, 2023
    based on 3 ratings

    This sermon explores the value of time, urging believers to live wisely as children of light, making the most of every opportunity in accordance with God's will.

    Good morning, cherished family of God. I trust the Lord's grace is sufficient for you today, as it is for me. As we gather in this sanctuary, let's take a moment to reflect on the precious gift of time. Time is that ceaseless river that carries us along its current, from the moment of our birth to more

  • From Darkness To Light PRO Sermon

    Contributed by Sermon Spark on Nov 2, 2023
    based on 3 ratings

    Explores our transformation from darkness to light through Christ, the exposure of sinful acts, and the blessings of living in God's light.

    Good morning, family! It's another beautiful day that the Lord has made, and we're here to rejoice and be glad in it. Today, we're gonna get into a piece of Scripture that's gonna challenge us, encourage us, and hopefully, change us. Before we get to that, I want to share a quote with you from Gary more

  • Wash Me Series

    Contributed by Howard Parnell on Oct 2, 2002
    based on 51 ratings

    Part 1 of "Heavenly Cleansing" series. God’s Word teaches us how to discern the difference between being "accepted" by God and being made "acceptable" to God.

    WASH ME Eph. 5:1-11 INTRO. While visiting my wife’s parents, my 4 year old son got the opportunity to play outside. After about an hour, there was a knock on the back door, there was Brandon completely covered in dirt. He wanted to come inside to get a drink. I told him to stand right where more

  • By The Aid Of The Holy Spirit Series

    Contributed by Tim Byrd on Oct 2, 2002
    based on 14 ratings

    Part 3 in a study on the Church Covenant

    A COVENANT WITH GOD PART 3 “THE CHURCH COVENANT” Date: June 2, 2002 A.M. Service Place: Allendale Baptist Church Text: Ephesians 5: 8-14 Introduction We have for the last several weeks we have studying through the church covenant. I gave a definition of the word covenant as a binding agreement more

  • Survivor 5: How To Protect Your Torch Series

    Contributed by Geoff Baggett on Oct 13, 2002
    based on 79 ratings

    This is the fifth message in my SURVIVOR series, focusing upon protecting our credibility and Christian witness (10-13-02)

    Opening *Enter with the “Survivor Torch” and “Survivor” theme music playing. Say: Every week on the Survivor reality series, you can see the tribe members carrying a torch similar to this one. They carry it with them to the “Tribal Council,” where that must vote one person out of their tribe … more

  • Hidden Danger

    Contributed by David Berthiaume on Nov 1, 2002
    based on 34 ratings

    Music affects you more than you think, it affects your mind, your body and your spiritual life. Is the music you are listening to damaging your soul?

    Music is a part of everyone¡¦s life. It is a language that is universal. It has the power to cheer us up, make us sad, make us laugh, and make us cry. Human emotions are a wonderful gift from God that can enhance the life of an individual. Unfortunately at times people in positions of more

  • Choose How You Wil Live

    Contributed by Eric Snyder on Oct 24, 2002
    based on 61 ratings

    Life choices

    Choose how you will live, Eph 5:1-14 Eric A. Snyder, Minister, Farwell Church of Christ June 2, 2002 Imitation – the greatest form of flattery. When I was a kid I had a vivid imagination. I can remember being in Elementary school imitating everything from my favorite superheroes to Knight Rider more

  • Fruit Doesn't Grow In The Dark

    Contributed by David Sorn on Nov 4, 2005
    based on 11 ratings

    We must continually draw close to the Lord of Light because He is the one who produces fruit in our life.

    INTRODUCTION Who’s afraid of the dark? Who’s ever been afraid of the dark? I was. Yep, that’s right. I had a nightlight too. Anybody have a nightlight? I had one of those really cool care bear ones. Wish Bear to be exact. Did you ever stop and think why people have nightlights? I mean, more

  • Living A G-Rated Life In An R-Rated World

    Contributed by Darryl Klassen on Oct 26, 2005
    based on 26 ratings

    I borrowed the title from a Sermoncentral contributor because it was so good. But the rest of this sermon deals with sexual immorality and how the Christian needs to walk in a sexually darkened world.

    LIVING A G-RATED LIFE IN AN R-RATED WORLD Let me tell you about a couple I have become familiar with, Josh and Jerusha. These two grew up together in the same neighborhood, you could say. Actually, Josh was a few years older than Jerusha and had the pleasure of watching Jerusha grow from an more

  • What About Your Gestures?

    Contributed by Scott Carmer on Aug 20, 2006
    based on 4 ratings

    The gestures of worship - lifting up holy hands in praise - must be in sync with the gestures of holy living.

    Gesture Theology Ephesians 5:15-20 August 20, 2006 I remember the very first sermon I ever preached. It was at License to Preach School down at DePauw University during the summer of 1972, between my freshman and sophomore years in college. I knew that I was headed for seminary by that time, and more

  • Christian Traits

    Contributed by Bill Butsko on Aug 18, 2006

    This message expounds upon the important traits or characteristics of a Christian as outlined by Paul to the Ephesians.

    Text: “Be very careful, then, how you live – not as unwise but as wise” (v. 15). Introduction: I wonder how many people ever think along these lines. Many people take life for granted and do what other people do. They never stop to consider how to live. Children are influenced by their more

  • Finding Strength In Walking Series

    Contributed by Christopher Gallagher on Sep 13, 2006
    based on 1 rating

    This is part of a series on the book of Ephesians. It is designed to strengthen each person in their Christian walk. The strength in the church is found in the people.

    Sermon Outline: I Walk in love A Paul encourages them to be imitators of God (Ephesians 5:1). B Paul motivates them to walk in love by reminding them of the greatest sacrifice (Ephesians 5:2). C To become an imitator of God, the Ephesians must put away the things of the flesh (Ephesians more

  • Evangelism Reflects Consistency In Our Walk With Christ Series

    Contributed by Bobby Stults on Sep 26, 2006
    based on 4 ratings

    In our call to evangelism we are also called to be consistent in our words, our walk and our witness!

    Sermon Brief Date Written: September 27, 2006 Date Preached: October 1, 2006 Where Preached: OZHBC (AM) Sermon Details: Sermon Series: Living a Life of Evangelism Sermon Title: Evangelism Reflects Consistency in our Christian Walk Sermon Text: Acts 5:19-21, Eph 5:4, 15-17, 19 But during the more

  • Illuminating The Darkness Series

    Contributed by Carl Willis on Sep 25, 2006
    based on 1 rating

    Your life is filled with the light of Christ and there is no room for darkness.

    Illuminating the Darkness Ephesians 5:6-14 Ephesians 5:6 (NLT) Don’t be fooled by those who try to excuse these sins, for the terrible anger of God comes upon all those who disobey him. The Inexcusability of Sin  People will try to excuse their sinful behavior  I was born more

  • Walking The Walk

    Contributed by Brian Gilbert on Oct 3, 2006
    based on 37 ratings

    How can we make a difference in our world today. 3 ways to walk in a dark and desperate world.

    There is absolutely no doubt that we are living in dark days. Watch the news for 10 minutes or read the front page of your daily paper. Certainly you will recognize that we are beriong bombearded with horrific stories. Evil is present with us and at times it seems to be winning. How should we, more