Summary: This is a sermon that shows how to prepare for revival

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TEXT: Nehemiah 8:1-8

INTRODUCTION: There was a Watergate in our recent history that something bad happened. This is not the water gate that I am talking about. Chapter 8 tells about a much different Water gate. Something good happened at this water gate. This is an exciting chapter which shows some necessary ingredients for Revival that took place at the water gate… In chapter nine, Revival takes place because of what happened in chapter 8. Everything started happening for the good when “all” the people gathered together as one man into the street that was before the water gate. (V. 1)


When Nehemiah caught a burden for Jerusalem, after he saw the terrible state that the city was in, had not only to rebuild the walls, he had to repair the broken down gates. This gate, however, needed no repairs. It was the seventh gate and it was through this gate that the water for the city was brought. The number seven is God’s number for completion and perfection. Moving water, in the Bible, speaks of the Holy Spirit. Still water pictures the Word of God. If you put these thoughts together, you may recognize that the people were gathering at the water gate which is a picture of the Word of God and that it was the only gate that needed no repairs. Praise God, likewise, this Old 16ll KJ Bible is perfect and complete and needs no repairs! If there is going to be revival, the Word of God must be magnified.

A. Notice How the Place Was Used To Magnify the Word. (“water gate”)

The place that was referred to was the water gate that was mentioned above. The People gathered to hear the Word read for six hours. When the Word is magnified the people are strengthened. Such was the case when Ezra read in Nehemiah chapter 8.

B. Notice How the Preparation Was Used To Magnify the Word.

The Law was brought to the water gate to be read and the pulpit was made for the absolute “purpose” of reading and preaching the Word. Every time that preaching is taking place, it needs to be with purpose.

C. Notice How the Preaching Was Used To Magnify the Word. (V. 8)

The preaching involved the Word being read so that it could be clearly heard and then there was the explaining of the Word so that it could be properly understood. Then there was the application of the Word.


A. Their Unification Was Indicated By The Way That They Came. (V. 1) “All the people gathered themselves together as one man”

What a difference it would make in our churches if all the people gathered themselves together as one man… When we unify ourselves around the Word of God there is no greater way to give respect to the Son of God. Paul in I Corinthian chapter one discussed the problems of division. Division is very divisive and crippling to the church.

B. Their Unification Was Indicated By The Way That They Continued. (Vv. 2a, 3a)

The Word was read and they continued not for just “a brief, get it over as quick as you can” kind of sermon, but they stayed long and as a result of staying the Word of God begin to take its wonderful effect. I fear that many get in trouble because they fail to recognize the ongoing value of spending time in the Word of God. Once we have been saved, there needs to be a continuous diet of the Word of God to cause an ongoing sanctification and edification that can only come from the Truth.

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