Summary: The word of faith/prosperity gospel is an abominable heresy that makes you a little god who can decree and declare the heavens open and do whatever you want. It totally disregards the sovereignty and lordship of God.

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A few weeks ago, I read a post by Albert Mohler. Dr. Mohler is President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. On his updates, he posted an article entitled ‘Staying in his Lane—Joel Osteen’s Gospel of Affirmation without salvation. Soledad O’Brien on CNN. He commented on the interview and I will quote from the article. (next slide)

“You’ve got to send your words out in the direction you want your life to go.” “With our words we can either bless our futures or we can curse our futures.”

Osteen calls faith, “activating faith,” because “faith is what causes God to work.”

“I think part of my, if you want to call it success, I’ve stayed in my lane and my lane is listing people’s spirits and there are issues that good, Bible-believing people see on both sides of the fence.” (next slide)

Dr. Mohler went on to say, “Viewers of CNN saw a display of confusion, evasion, and equivocation coming from one presented as a Christian pastor. What they were really seeing is the total theological bankruptcy of the word of faith movement and the gospel of positive thinking. Osteen cannot, or at least will not, speak even the simplest word of biblical conviction. He states his intention to stay in his “lane” of glib affirmation.”

Joel Osteen is probably the best known preacher of the Word of Faith movement or Prosperity Gospel. His church, Lakewood Church of Houston, Texas, is attended by over 40,000 each weekend. He has written books, visited many cities, doing “An Evening with Joel Osteen.” If you listen to him, you can’t help but be encouraged by his smile, winsome personality and encouraging message.

But what exactly is this message Joel Osteen preaches? And why am I so concerned about it? If you listen to Osteen, or any of these other Word of Faith preachers, here are some of the things you here. (next slide)

• God wants you to be happy, healthy and wealthy

• You can create your own destiny by faith

• Just declare it by faith

• It will happen!

Sounds good, doesn’t it? But wait. Just the other night I was watching a video on a Cathay Pacific 747-400 taken in the cockpit. The captain took us into the simulator where pilots learn to fly these airplanes. I have been privileged to fly both a 747 and a 777 simulator. You might not want me for your pilot! Once they close the door, and get going, you will forget you are actually on the ground. Airplanes have to fly a certain speed to maintain lift. Otherwise they will stall. And if they go to fast, it can have catastrophic consequences as well. The pilots have to stay within the window of safe airspeeds to fly. Otherwise they are getting into the “Danger Zone.” (next slide)

• Faith becomes nothing more than a “force.”

• By your words you can manipulate God and create what you believe the Bible promises—health and wealth.

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