Summary: This message illustrates that many people seek a relationship with God simply to get out of some troulbe, but God wants a healthy Father/son relationship with us.

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I SAMUEL 4:1-11

When we began this series we were talking about how the world’s dysfunctional view of fatherhood has effected our view of our heavenly Father. We have already talked about the absent father and the child support father. Today we will talk about the bail out father.

We probably all know at least one family where there is a child who is constantly getting into trouble and the parents are constantly coming to the rescue and getting them out of a jam. Sometimes it seems that this is what the relationship is based upon. If we are not careful this is the way our relationship with God can become. Does it sometimes seem to you that every time you talk to God that you are asking Him to get you out of some sort of mess that you have created for yourself? Do you constantly feel like you are in some sort of trouble with Him? This is not a very fulfilling place to be in you relationship with God. It is certainly not the relationship that He wants to have with you. Hopefully you have asked the question, "how is this cycle broken?"

Today we I hope that the Word of God will reveal to us what gets us in this mess and we will see how to walk with God in a way that will be a sweet releif for you and be pleasing to your Father.


A. Here we see that Israel is planning a pre-emptive strike.

1. It seems that this is something that God has not directed them to do.

2. We know that God attempts to speak to his people thru Samuel, but there is no indication that the people are listening.

3. They seem to think that they can handle this situation on there own.

B. God is always trying to speak to us.

1. God is interested in the lives of His children and wants to be involved in our lives.

2. When God is speaking to you, how often does He get your attention?

3. How many things in your life do you believe that you can handle without God?

C. What makes us want to do our own thing and leave God out?

1. It begins with pride. If we get God involved we have to submit our will to His.

2. We reject His will when we prefer sin over righteousness. Israel had corrupt leadership. They preferred currupt leadership over Godly leadership because it made them feel better about themselves.

application: Has God ever spoken to you about a life situation? If not maybe you are living your life with out Him. When He speaks, do you listen? Do you follow others, or your own personal plan more than God’s.


A. Sometimes when our way does not work out we realize that we need God’s help.

1. We begin to seek for the reason of our failure.

2. We search for a way to salvage the situation.

B. The question of placement.

1. Some try to move God toward themselves. "God help me, but do not Change me."

2. The issue is not a relaionship here, but a benefit. Get me out of my mess and leave me to the rest.

3. Some move themselves toward God. God why have you not blessed me. Do you need to change me?

Application: When you suffer a set back, do you think

About God’s role in your situation. What is your approach to God? Do you try to move God toward you or do you move toward God?


A. Living a life where we view God as our

Bail out results in a life of defeat.

B. It results in loneliness. We feel that we

Have lost all that is dear to us.

C. It leads us to feel that our situation is


IV. POWER I Samuel 7:2-13

A. Seek after the Lord, not a solution to your


B. Confession of sin.

C. Walk with God.

D. Surrender to Him to bring victory.

Conclusion: God wants a relationship with us.

He wants us to walk with Him. God wants us to live in His power. If we are to do that we must give Him priority in our lives and not just look to Him as a solution when life gets rough.

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