Summary: This is the opening sermon in a series through the book of Galatians that takes a close look at salvation.

The Battle for the Truth

Galatians 1:1-10

1. The Authority of Paul (1)

A. Not sent by man.

B. Sent by Jesus Christ and God the Father.

2. The Gospel Basics (3-6)

A. Christ gave himself for our sins.

B. He will rescue us from this evil age.

C. This was done according to the will of


D. You were called by God.

3. The Great Danger of Losing Focus (7-10)

A. Turning to a different “gospel”.

B. Any other gospel is no gospel at all.

C. To add to or take away from the gospel is

a perversion of the truth.

D. Paul is so protective of the gospel that

he pronounces a curse on anyone who would

change the gospel message.

E. Paul lets us know that it is not about

man but about God.

Truths for today:

A. Know the Word of God.

B. Zealously protect the truth of the Gospel.

C. Beware of any variation from the truth

found in Scripture.

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