Summary: The prophet Amos was similar to the prophets of the Old Testament in some ways and quite different in others.

The prophet Amos was similar to the prophets of the Old Testament in some ways and quite different in others. Amos has been referred to as the “Classic Prophet of Doom” because of both his message of repentance and the general dislike and unwant of his message. Amos preached of the impending judgment of God upon Israel and Judah. He stressed the vital importance of these kingdoms’ returning to the ways of the Lord and departing from their iniquitous ways. Amos painted a broad canvas of judgment against the sinful nations and illustrated very vividly the pain, suffering, and hardship each would endure. Amos came straight to the point and informed these peoples that God does not overlook judgment. While Amos and his message bear a resemblance to others found in the “Minor Prophets”, Amos as a man was probably the most dissimilar of all the prophets. He was a common man; a farmer. Amos, indeed was a square peg in a round hole. He did not train to be a prophet, but spoke from Words told to him by God. Isn’t it great that God does not examine credentials before selecting someone to do his work? Amos in at least three occasions reminds the reader of his roots.

1. Amos 1:1 ¶ The words of Amos, who was among the herdmen of Tekoa, which he saw concerning Israel in the days of Uzziah king of Judah, and in the days of Jeroboam the son of Joash king of Israel, two years before the earthquake. He was but a simple herdsman from Tekoa. He was a layman, a shepherd.

2. Amos 7:14 Then answered Amos, and said to Amaziah, I [was] no prophet, neither [was] I a prophet's son; but I [was] an herdman, and a gatherer of sycomore fruit: He was not a prophet or a prophet’s son. He was a gatherer of sycomore fruit. This is like Michael Jordan telling us he is but a simple athlete. Amos was a powerful prophet, whether he realized or admitted so is not the issue. God took a simple man and coated his tongue with fire.

3. Amos 7:15 And the LORD took me as I followed the flock, and the LORD said unto me, Go, prophesy unto my people Israel.

Amos was simply minding his own business when God called him to preach. Here he is telling the people, “Hey I did not want to do this any more than you want to hear it.” Amos teaches us that there is always a place for a dedicated messenger of God.The book stresses that trust in God is more important than polish and glitter.Through Amos’s writings we realize that some of God’s most choice instrumentsand tools have come from obscure and rugged places. The book tells us that weshould be prepared to speak up for the name of God. More importantly the message we receive from this work is that if we are “an Israel” we had better repent orprepare for certain judgment; God always calls in the markers. Sin will be judged. With that thought in mind, let’s face it folks, we are all sinners. It is only throughJesus Christ our Lord and Savior that we are forgiven of our sins. His blood washed us clean and through God’s grace we are given a new life in the Body of Christ. Theticket to enter this paradise is free, people. All we have to do is believe and acceptJesus in our hearts. My beloved friends, the love of Jesus is such a wonderful thing.I know there are those of you out there who are skeptical to his very existence. Let me state in no uncertain terms, I was once there too. I was once a skeptic. God however worked on my heart and I realized that I could not make it on my on. I started, out of desperation reading the bible one lonely night. Suddenly, the words rang oh so true. I accepted Jesus and asked God for Salvation soon afterward. My friends, I can look back now to that day and see where I was. I can look to today and see where I am. The journey God traveled with me from there to here is crystal clear evidence that He is the Truth. He is the power of our existence. You see loved ones, God loves us. He wants us to be happy, to experience joy in our lives. Will there be sadness? Yes, sometimes. But with Jesus as you partner in life you will see the eternal future he has for you will out weigh any of the earthly sorrows life might bring. You see, friends God never allows us to be burdened with more than we canhandle. We must trust in Him and allow him to take care of us. He will. For the more we try to control our lives the more we mess stuff up. God however isinfallible, He does not make mistakes. Let go today and accept Jesus as your savior.If you are already saved, let go and allow God to show you the way. He is in control. We can only mess it up !

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