Summary: The danger to being a self-god

The Enemies of the Cross

Intro:There are 3 things that Paul says

about the “Enemies of the Cross.”

I. They Defy Jesus.[18]

A. They are Enemies, not friends of

the Cross.

B. They Oppose ever demand of the

Cross by not giving an ear to hear

the Word.

C. They Oppose the Preaching of

the Cross With the full force of

their carnal natures.

D. The call of the Cross has no

appeal to them.

E. They are the bitterest enemies of

the Cross and battled against it.

1. The Cross convicts them of sin.

2. Only the Cross can save from Hell.

II. They Delight in their Lusts.[19]

“Whose god is their belly”

The very thing that God has condemned,

they crown as Divine. They have a god

whom they adore and adorn-that god is

themselves and their carnal appetites.

A. They live with Unrestrained


B. They live with Unlimited appetites

for sins.

C. They have an Unchecked desire in

their body.

D. Their Unbridled indulgences is

secret sins filled their cup.

“eat, drink and be marry” is their god, their

glory and their shame. Their whole principle of life is

“Mind earthly things.” The power that drives

them on in their course of unabated sin is the mighty

driving force of the carnal nature.

III. They Destroy Their lives.[19]

“whose end is destruction”

The person who gives himself over to

unbridled lusts should consider the

Dread of their end. What an end!

A. Their Destiny is Determined by


B. Their Destiny Demands

banishment from the Lord


C. Their Destiny will be the “home”

of Satan.-”Hell”

D. They can be Saved-By trusting


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