Summary: This sermon will encourage men and father’s to examine the character of the man they see in the mirror.

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When you examine the man you see in the mirror, are you pleased with what you see? Obviously we are not speaking of looks. We are speaking of character. We are speaking of a life that is pleasing before God. In Genesis 39 we find a man who decided to live a God honoring life. He chose to please God and be a man of character. Joseph was his name. Joseph had been sold as a slave into Egypt. If ever there was a victim, Joseph was a victim. While living in Egypt, in the home of Potiphar, Joseph faced a difficult temptation. This temptation tested his character. Joseph was tempted to have sexual relations with his master’s wife. However, rather than yielding he stood his ground. He could look in the mirror, knowing he had done his best. We learn some valuable lessons about pleasing the man in the mirror, from Joseph. Notice three lessons.

I. The Man in the mirror should be a Man of Convictions. Joseph was convicted that having sex with Potiphar’s wife was wrong.

A. A man of convictions will not be

affected by pressure from other people.

B. A man of convictions will base his

decisions upon the truth of God’s word.

Joseph was convicted that sexual sin

was wrong.

Ill-Various surveys indicate that only only

20-40% of Americans believe in absolute


II. The Man in the mirror should be a Man of Character.

A. The man of character is the same in the

government house as he is with God’s people.

B. The man of character should be consistent.

C. There is a difference between good character

and godly character.

(Discuss I Tim. 6:11...A good man is known

for what he gives up. A Godly man is known

for what he takes up. He gives up unholy

vices but he takes up a pursuit of God’s


III. The Man in the mirror leaves a Christ-like Example. There are many things about Joseph that represent Christ.

A. A man of Godly character will make an impact

on others. Joseph impacted government

officials and the men who were in prison with

him. (See 40:8)

B. A man of Godly character has a desire to

honor God and bring glory to Him. (See 30:9)

(Refer to I Cor. 10:31)

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